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28 Jun 2023 03:49:11
Dream off season. But I know it won’t happen

Laker get FVV/ Trent Jr
Raptors get D-LO, Harrison, Bamba, Vanderbilt plus 29 1st & some seconds

Laker get Hield
Pacers get Beasley & a second
The signing will be just to get a ring.
Then sign for min
T. Bryant, DiVincenzo, B. Lopez, H. Barnes
Reaves, Hachimura, Walker, Schroeder

PG. FVV, Schroeder, DiVincenzo
SG. Trent, Walker, Christie, JHS
SF. Heild, Reaves
PF. James, Hachimura, Barnes
C. Davis, Brooks, Bryant
Deepest team. James and Davis play about 25-30 min/ gm. I know they won’t get all of them but these are the guys I would like to get.

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22 Jun 2023 08:40:40
Lakers Turner, Duarte,29th
Pacers Bamba, Beasley,17th.

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22 Jun 2023 08:34:16
Lakers Turner/ Duarte 29th
Pacers Bamba/ Beasley 17th.

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22 Jun 2023 08:22:09
Lakers--Turner,Duarte,29th pick
Pacers--Bamba,Beasley,17th pick


LBJ/Christie/29th pick
B.Brown(FA)/Duarte/47th pick

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19 Jun 2023 18:11:39
Lakers - 26 29 Jalen Smith & Nwora

Pacers - 17 & Bamba

Pacers draft
7 - Taylor Hendricks
17 - Brice Sensabaugh

Lakers draft
26 - Marcus Sasser
29 - Colby Jones



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19 Jun 2023 13:05:14
Hou - Lal

Hou- 17th pick & Malik Beasley (exp)

Lal- Kevin Porter Jr

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19 Jun 2023 06:35:31
Lakers - middleton

Bucks- russell 4yr/80 with team option, beasley, 17th pick

Lakers add a vet shooter, lebron run the point

Lebron dennis
Reaves walker
Middleton christie
Hachimura vanderbilt
Davis bamba

Bucks add a young blood then get a pick they can use to get another piece

Holiday carter
Russell beasley
Allen connaughton
Giannis baeuchamp
Lopez portis

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19 Jun 2023 15:45:53
Bucks already have Holiday so that's not going to work. Next the salaries will need to be close to matching and Middleton isn't going to opt out of a 1 year $40M remaining on his contract to sign for multiple years at $20M per season. Makes zero sense for him to do that.

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19 Jun 2023 01:38:24
LAL gets Demar Derozen

CHI gets Hachimura, Russell and two 2nds.

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19 Jun 2023 15:40:40
Can't sign and trade 2 free agents in the same transaction.

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13 Jun 2023 21:11:18
Found an interesting deal:

To Lakers: J.Allen & S.Dinwiddie

To Nets: D.Russell s&t, M.Beasley & 17th pick via Lakers, 2nd round pick via Cavs

To Cavs: J.Vanderbilt, DFS & 22nd pick via Nets

Lakers bring back Davis to 4 and get a 5 who can protect the rim and match up better with star bigs
- sign CP3 & Dennis back

CP3, Dennis
Reaves, Dinwiddie
LeBron, Walker
Davis, Hachimura
Allen, Bamba

Dlo had his best years with Nets , maybe he can bring that back again in Brooklyn

Russell, Simmons
Bridges, Beasley, Thomas
Oneale, Harris, draft pick
Johnson, Watanabe, draft pick
Claxton, Sharpe

Cavs let Mobley play the 5 and get 2 versatile tall wings to compliment

Garland, Rubio
Mitchell, Levert
Vanderbilt, Okoro
DFS, Osman, Stevens
Mobley, Wade

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13 Jun 2023 16:20:06

CLE get Jarred Vanderbilt, Mo Bamba, 2nd round pick & 17th pick

LAL get Jarrett Allen

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09 Jun 2023 00:40:38
It is really in discussion, I mean, not my plan, but ok.

Think the Lakers would say NO. But both have only 1y left but if LeBron ask for it, it may happen.

LAL Kleber, Wood, Bertans, Hardaway, Green, 1st #10, future 1st
DAL Davies, LeBron

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11 Jun 2023 01:41:53
Kyrie Irving tried to recruit Lebron to the Mavericks. He's not going to be traded. Lakers are not trading Lebron or AD. Lakers plan to build around both for this year. Expect the Lakers to add Chris Paul if he is waived by the Suns or if traded to another team as a salary dump.

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06 Jun 2023 11:51:07
1) Lakers-Dallas
Dal: LB James
Lakers: Bertrans+T Hardaway+Green+Hardy+ #10+ 1rnd pick Dal 26

Portland: A Davis
Lakers: Nurkic+Simmons+#3+ 1rnd pick Por 26

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13 Jun 2023 18:10:28
Likely no. But I would like to get rid of LeBron and Davis.

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06 Jun 2023 09:01:35

LAL get Bradley Beal & Daniel Gafford

WAS get Dlo Russell 4yr/100mil, Mo Bamba, Malik Beasley (exp), 17th pick & 2 2nd round picks

I'm a Lakers fan and this is a desperation move given that Lebron might be on his last year. Considering some of you thinks Beal's contract is horrible. I took note of that.
Can include Christie if needed

Pg Lebron/Dennis
Sg Beal/Walker
Sf Reaves/FA
Pf Vanderbilt/Hachimura
Ce Davis/Gafford

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06 Jun 2023 00:00:59
Lakers trade: dlo Beasley mobama and 17th pick
Future 1st

Hawks trade:Murray capela and seddiq bey

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03 Jun 2023 14:48:43
Lakers - Morris
Wizards - Beasley

Lakers draft Lively
Wizards draft Black



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