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18 Jun 2018 09:21:09
Lakers got 61 to spend. If they stretch Deng they have 72 mil after they announce all free agents and will have 12 mil cap hold with 60 mil left if they want randle but here there keeping him.

Sign James and George 28 each. With 4 left for Noel. Mle on reddick for four years 34 mil. Signn randle to whatever it takes.
Kuzma randle Hart and Ingram would be a strong bench.

Or rid randle use the 16 mil on Avery Bradley. Use mle on Evans for years 34 mil. Sign Noel with the other 4.4 exception.
With Evans Hart Ingram and kuzma off bench would slaughter golden state. I would like to see Ball handle the rock and see how much king James can score. With shooters like Bradley and George. And a rebounder like Noel. Ball can guard Klay while Bradley chases around Curry. With George putting good d on Durant. James can relax on d guarding green with Noel on there starting center.

So this requires no trades just there willingness to sign with this great situation. That's y there so much speculation with Lakers because they can sign all the players to create a team that would beat golden state. With James and George joining the Lakers with 16 left and mle would be better then the cavs And thunder

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17 Jun 2018 19:59:03
LA: Kawhi Leonard, Kemba Walker

SA: Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, Jeremy Lamb, LA 25th

CHO: Lonzo Ball, Luol Deng, LA 47th + 2020 1st

Max: Lebron, Paul George

Sign: Brook Lopez, (MLE) JJ Redick, (Vet min) Marco Belineli, (vet min) Anthony Tolliver, (vet min) Jeff Green

Walker, Ennis,(LeBron)
George, Redick, Hart
Leonard, Tolliver, Belinelli
Lebron, Green
Lopez, Zubac, Bryant

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17 Jun 2018 14:52:18

Bulls: Luol Deng and Lonzo Ball

Lakers: Justin Holiday, Kris Dunn and Nikola Mirotic trade exception

Both teams unhappy with their PG's
Lakers get a great on-ball defender, a 3&D wing and unload Deng's contract
Bulls get a younger pg that can make Lauri Markkanen better.

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17 Jun 2018 11:23:38

This is based on Spurs not taking Deng's contract or Ball, so Lakers need a third team to make Leonard, George, James happen. Milwaukee can be that team, because of Lebron's buddy Bledsoe.

Lakers get Leonard, Bledsoe

Spurs get Ingram, Kuzma, 25th LAL, Dellavedova (or Henson)

Bucks get Ball, Deng, 47th LAL

Lakers will be at 101 mil after that having Bledsoe, Leonard, George (29mil), James (34mil), Zubac, Hart. So they do it.

Spurs assuming that LAL's best offer would be Ingram, Kuzma, Deng, 25th, here they avoid Deng by taking an overpaid but servicable player from the Bucks.

Bucks take a pg that fits better to Middleton and Giannis. Ball had 7.2 ast, 6.9 reb which they need more than 5.1 ast and 3.9 reb of better scoring Bledsoe. Don't forget that Lonzo is still rookie, so at least he will shoot like Bledsoe in time. Bucks eat 36 Deng's mil, but they also move 20 mil of their own bad salary

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16 Jun 2018 22:34:01
I believe the Spurs won't trade Kwahi to the West and definitely not the Lakers. San Antonio should try to send Leonard to the East so that the league can be somewhat competitive. If Lakers really want Leonard they need to give up the following in my opinion:

Lakers - Spurs

Lakers gets:

Spurs gets:
25th pick
2020 1st rd pick (Top 5 protected)

Lakers probably won't make this deal because that removes their cap space to sign to max stars.

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16 Jun 2018 16:00:14

Spurs get Parker (16mil, s/t with Leonard), Kuzma, Maker, Wilson, 17th MIL

Lakers get Bledsoe, Green, Brogdon

Bucks get Leonard, Ball, Deng

SAS do that because they don't want Leonard in the West and straight to LA. They are getting a similar deal to what Lakers would offer them. It's like replacing Ingram and 25th with Parker, Maker and 17th

LAL still sign King and George. They bring Lebron's buddy and make cap space to sign Leonard in 2019. In that they even keep Bledsoe with MLE (or Brogdon) and of course Ingram as 6th.

MIL gets Leonard without losing Middleton. They hope that in time they convince him stay. At least they enjoy one dream season with Ball, Middleton, Leonard, Antetokoumbo, Dedmon starting 5.

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16 Jun 2018 16:44:20
Couple issues. Lakers will not be involved in any Leonard deal unless they are getting him themselves. Second I doubt the Bucks will trade Bledsoe, Parker, Maker, and the 17th pick for a 1 year rental in Leonard. Any team trying to trade for Leonard will need to know if he plans to stay long term. It's too big of a gamble for the Bucks.

Now I do agree with you that the Spurs will probably frown on sending him to the Lakers to form a Super Team. That's of course if Leonard even wants to join a Super Team. He might want to come to Los Angeles thinking its by himself.

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16 Jun 2018 07:06:16

they around 62mil cap space for 2018-19

since everyone is saying no one is taking Deng's contract (okay..)

stretch Luol Deng will have cap hit of 7.4mil/yr, LAL will gain additional 11mil cap so total of 73mil

sign Paul George to max (4yr/120mil)
sign LeBron James (2yr/70mil w/ P.O)



LAL- K.Walker, 2nd from ATL
CHA- L.Ball, K.Kuzma
ATL- M.Kidd-Gilchrist, 25th pick

no one think that Kawhi thing could work so LA's 3rd star will be Kemba Walker who is a clutch guy too

LA resign Brook Lopez & Channing Frye
resign KCP to smaller contract

they will be over the cap after those moves

PG- Walker,Ennis (LeBron)
SG- Ingram,Hart
SF- George,Caldwell-Pope
PF- James,Frye
CE- Lopez,Zubac,Bryant

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16 Jun 2018 05:09:28
Lakers Leanord

Spurs InGram Randle sign and trade Deng 25th pick 48th pick

Spurs take it or leave it Celtics ain't giving better offer then that for him brown and couple picks would be the only in trade plus fill in and Celtics not giving up Tatum Hayward kyrie

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16 Jun 2018 04:00:22

ATL: L.Ball + K.Kuzma + 18th pick + 25th pick

LAL: K.Leonard + P.Mills

SAS: 3rd pick + B.Ingram + D.Shroeder + L.Deng

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16 Jun 2018 03:55:58
Lakers summer:


LAL: Beverley + Leonard

SAS: Ingram + Harris + 25th pick + 13th pick

LAC: Ball + Kuzma + Deng

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