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20 Oct 2020 16:47:48
What I want to see:
McGee opt out
Avery Bradley opts in
Resign AD, Rondo, KCP, Dwight, Markieff

I love Kuz but I don't think he fits in with this team. And as great as CP3 still is, I'm not gutting half my team to take on a 35yr old that gets paid more than LeBron and AD. Lakers better off trading for a 3rd option like Buddy Hield who is a great shooter and can create own shot.

Lakers trade: Kyle Kuzma, Danny Green, #28

Kings trade: Buddy Hield

Luke Walton gets a familiar face with Kuz and the Kings get a young wing to replace Bogdan who will most likely walk, a first rounder, and a veteran in DG who's only on a one year.

Lakers sign Danilo Gallinari to Mid exception.
Lakers sign DeMarcus Cousins to Vets min.

Lakers roster
PG: Rondo/Caruso/Cook
SF: LeBron/Gallo
PF: AD, Markieff, Cacok
C: Dwight, Cousins, Kostas

CP3 too expensive, I don't think Rose would fit as well as many expect, Beal/Lavine/Booker aren't realistic. Oladipo may be an option but I think Hield would fit best.
Jerami Grant is probably going to get paid and Gallo has came out and said he will prioritize winning over money. I think Dragic is resigning with Heat.
I think a roster built close to this gives a good chance of repeating. I'm no GM, just what I'd like to see but I trust Rob.

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20 Oct 2020 22:35:19
I also think Hield and Gallo fill the lakers only need which is shooting. Also decent upgrades over green and kuz.

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20 Oct 2020 23:05:18
Chris Paul lead multiple teams to the playoffs. With him as the leader his team almost defeated the Houston Rockets in the first round. Chris Paul is a better player than Buddy Hield. Yes Chris Paul has a big contract which is noted by many Lakers fans however it will be irrelevant if the Lakers get far in the playoffs again and even win it all. Lebron will probably opt into his contract the following year so the Lakers would be with Lebron, AD, and CP3. Players will sign for the vet min to come play with those 3. Rumor has it that Carmelo Anthony would join if CP3 is traded. I know people are saying wait until next offseason and sign someone else. They could do that but after last offseason with Kawhi situation I will highly doubt a 3rd Superstar level player will be coming via free agency.

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18 Oct 2020 22:44:49
Lakers get Derrick Rose, Tony Snell, and a return on their 2021 second round pick

Pistons get Kyle Kuzma and Danny Green

The Lakers get a legitimate 6th man in Rose, a wing on an expiring contract to replace Kuzma in Snell, and they get their second round pick back. Caruso/KCP/LBJ/AD/McGee with Rose as the 6th man looks like a team that can run it back.

The Pistons get an intriguing young talent in Kuzma who is from Michigan. An opportunity with more touches should help Kuz to realize his full potential. Danny Green brings championship experience to the mix and is on an expiring contract.

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18 Oct 2020 13:55:31
Help me guys i have no idea if a trade like this is allowed in CBA. I'm just curious


LAL get Chris Paul

ATL get KCP (direct s&t to Dewayne Dedmon & 2nd rd pick)

OKC get Danny Green, Dewayne Dedmon, Quin Cook, Talen Horton-Tucker & 28th pick via Lakers, 2nd round pick Hawks

I know ATL has the cap space no need for s&t and cannot combine players in s&t but i'm just curious if this is doable?

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18 Oct 2020 17:33:11
S&T is only allowed with 2 teams. A third team is not allowed. KCP will opt out and can just sign outright with the Hawks. He is expected to want a pay day. OKC will want Kuzma in the deal and not Dedmon and his contract. OKC is moving Chris Paul to save money. Dedmon will stay with the Hawks.

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18 Oct 2020 01:26:51
Lakers get Buddy Hield

Kings get Kyle Kuzma, Danny Green, Quinn Cook, and the 28th overall pick

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17 Oct 2020 13:36:42

Lakers get: Fournier

Warriors: Vucevic, Green, 1st rd LAL 2020

Magic: Kuzma and 1st rd GS 2020

Lakers get a complimentary shooter who will fit in great with LBJ and AD (if he resigns)

Warriors get a center who can get double doubles almost every night

Magic get a young wing who needs a change of scenery and a pick to select the best guard on the board or Wiseman if they think Bamba is not ready yet.

Trade would happen after the draft

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18 Oct 2020 17:36:16
Not possible for the Warriors without giving up Wiggins or Draymond Green due to salary cap. Warriors are way over the salary cap and will probably add a center through free agency on the cheap. Reports have Warriors interest in Dwight Howard.

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17 Oct 2020 02:34:14
Lakers get Victor Oladipo

Pacers get Kyle Kuzma, Danny Green, Quinn Cook, the 28th overall pick, a 2023 second round pick, and the right to swap first round picks in 2022

The Lakers get their third star without interfering with cap space. This allows them to bring back their key reserves. Caruso/Oladipo/LBJ/AD/McGee with guys like Rondo, KCP, Howard, and Morris coming off the bench is a championship caliber squad.

Coming off an injury-torn season, and with Oladipo seeming to force his way out, I'm not sure how much the Pacers can get for him. This package seems fair to me. They get two expiring contracts, a young stud, and draft compensation. Indiana could be the perfect place for Kuzma to reach his potential, like Paul George and Danny Granger before him.

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16 Oct 2020 22:20:46

Lakers get Eric Bledsoe

Bucks get Evan Fournier(opt in)

Magic get Kyle Kuzma Quinn Cook Danny Green

Greak Freak/Wilson



Give me y'all opinion this trade Be honest

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16 Oct 2020 21:28:50
Some people thought this package was an overpay for CP3. How do you feel about this package for Jrue Holiday?

Lakers get Jrue Holiday

Pelicans get Kyle Kuzma, Danny Green, Quinn Cook, and the 28th overall pick

The trade will work financially in the offseason once the Lakers renounce the rights to some of their free agents. Jrue and AD are good friends with great chemistry. Jrue/Caruso/LBJ/AD/McGee looks like a squad that can run it back for another title.

The Pelicans save about $6.6 million in salary, add a pair of expiring contracts, and re-unite Kuzma with his old Laker buddies. The first round pick sweetens the package.

Do the Pelicans need more?

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16 Oct 2020 22:25:53
Honestly I like the sound of it - if we can replace Danny’s shooting with a FA signing, then it really works out for both sides especially if jrue doesn’t want to resign with the pels.

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16 Oct 2020 23:53:09
The same package be fair for Jru Holiday but I think that other teams would come in with a better offer. Teams like the Knicks have a bunch of prospects and picks which the Lakers don't. Once the Lakers make a trade like this either for CP3 or Holiday Lakers are pretty much stuck with a big 3 of Lebron, AD, and CP3 for at least 2 years which isn't actually bad if you think about it. Lakers could then sign players on the cheaper side.

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