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18 Nov 2020 18:28:17
ok for sh#ts and giggles

lakers trade kuzma horton tucker quin cook and a pair of futurev2 and picks for the the 2 pick in tonights draft choosing lemo ball lol sign m morris sr
wesley mathews galinari cousins clarkson and crowber m harrell

ball bradley mathews
lebron schroader clarkson
galinari/ crowder
AD / m morris / antekopoo
howard harrell cousins

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18 Nov 2020 16:44:23
Lakers and Kings

Quinn Cook and Alex Caruso and Talon Hornton Tucker for De'Aaron Fox.

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17 Nov 2020 05:13:55
lakers got shroeder rondo is gone howard is gone kcp is gone
bradley will sign m morris and galinari wesley mathews jae crowder m mooris sr m harrell and yes jordan clarkson will sign along with mcgee and cousins

bradley / curruso /w mathews
lebron / schroeder/ clarkson
galinari /crowder
a, davis /morris / morris
mcgee /m harrell / cousins

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18 Nov 2020 07:14:36
there is a outside chance there do a sign and trade with kcp kuzma and mcgee for zach lavine and howard resigns for another ring

zach lavine / mathews/
lebron / schroader curruso
galinari / jae crowder/ cacock
A davis / m morris / antekoupooo
m harrell / howard / cousins.

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15 Nov 2020 21:36:38
Perfect rest of offseason for lakers in my opinion

Let me know what y'all think

Lakers - Osman
Cavs - Kuzma and Cook (Draft Avdija/Okoro)


Lakers - White
Spurs - Kuzma

Sign Thompson to mle
Resign Morris and Cousins
Rondo and Howard walk for bigger contract


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15 Nov 2020 16:03:37
This deal just went down now.

Lakers Danny Green & 28th Pick


Thunder Dennis Schroder

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15 Nov 2020 07:38:06
Lakers get J. Randle, #8
Knicks get Kuzma, Green and #28

KCP / Rondo
Bradley / Caruso
LBJ / #8
AD / Gallo
Randle / Mcgee

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14 Nov 2020 18:44:23
Spurs help out Western favorites, play for future.

Spurs get: Wiggins, 2020 #2 from GS.

Warriors get: Aldridge, Kuzma, Danny Green (use trade exception)

Lakers get: DeRozen

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15 Nov 2020 07:33:48
Sounds okay, so I believe. But wow... SAS turning aldridge and derozen into wiggins and #2 would be a heist for that organization.

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12 Nov 2020 03:17:31
Magic/Lakers/Bucks Magic need to start it over again build around young players

Magic get Ersan Ilyasova Kyle Kuzma Donte DiVincenzo George Hill Danny Green 24 pick.via Pacers from Bucks 28 pick.via Lakers 2023 second round pick.via Lakers

Lakers get Evan Fournier(opt in) Mo Bamba

Bucks get Aaron Gordon

Orlando Magic get a lot assets in return & they can start to rebuild to trade Vucevic & Ross & Frazier Ennis & Aminu to get a lot of picks & expiring contracts any players back

Lakers got to big man & good player

Bucks got to good young power forward

Give me a y'all opinion Be honest

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12 Nov 2020 18:56:36
Reports are that the Magic will only trade Aaron Gordon if they move up in the draft so that eliminates the Lakers and Bucks in any Gordon deal. Lakers at this point need to focus on building a team around Lebron and AD. Look at resigning Rondo and then signing veterans at the MLE price or minimum. Lakers can get several pick ups through Free Agency. Players like Gallinari, Ibaka, Thompson, Carmelo just to name a few. What the Lakers would expect in return for Kuzma, Green and the 28th pick really isn't out there in trade. That's just the reality of it. Teams are talking about trading for Kuzma but what they have and willing to trade for Kuzma is very low.

The Lakers just offered Green, Kuzma and the 28th for DeRozan from reports. We will see where that goes but I doubt the Spurs bite.

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