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29 Oct 2019 15:46:16
Two different trades that can help the Lakers compete this year.
LAL send Bradley, Mcgee, 2nd round pick
Receive Roco, Craig
MIN send Roco, Bell
Receive Bradley, Mcgee, 2nd round pick
DEN send Craig
Receive Bell

Next deal
LAL send Pope, 2nd round pick
BKN send Harris.
Lakers deplete all their picks but get two 3 and D wings and then a sharpshooter to come off the bench. Both deals are a stretch and I realize that. Joe Harris is expiring though and Roco is already mentioned on the trade block. I would hate to see him go to GSW lol. He had a injury plagued season last year so his value might be a little lower than what it normally is.
Lakers Depth Chart
PG Bron, Rondo, Cook, Caruso
SG Green, Harris, Daniels
SF Roco, Craig
PF Davis, Kuz, Dudley
C Howard, Cousins(after returning from injury.)

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11 Sep 2019 09:12:21
The Grizzlies get Rondo(buyout), Cousins(release), Caldwell-Pope, Horton-Tucker, and 2 2nds.

The Lakers Get Iguodala

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02 Sep 2019 14:11:30
OKC LAL if Howard isn't doing well.

OKC get Howard and Kuzma
LAL get Noel, Muscala, 2020 DEN 1st and 2023 MIA 1st

Noel does have a no trade clause but i'm sure he would accept a trade to a winning team that he would prob get more minutes on vs coming off the bench behind Adams getting 14 min on a losing team.

OKC downgrade their back up C swap Noel for Howard. Noel is younger, played better, and stayed healthier than Howard last year. They bring in Kuzma to pair with SGA as future building blocks. They give up 2 1sts because Kuzma is still on a cheap rookie deal and has good potential. He is also locked up the longest contract wise out of the players involved.

LAL upgrade their C situation if Howard isn't working out which i doubt he does. have Mcgee and Noel at C. They get Muscala to be back up PF he can knock down the 3 which LAL need good catch and shoot shooters. They get a 1st or 2 out of it which they could use some more 1sts after the Davis trade.

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03 Sep 2019 21:37:52
Kyle Kuzma has much higher value that what your wanting the OKC Thunder to give up. Also if Howard doesn't work out then the Lakers waive him.

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28 Aug 2019 13:57:53
Knicks - Lakers - Thunder

Knicks gets:
Muscala (expiring)
Daniels (expiring)

Lakers gets:
Noel (expiring)

Thunder gets:
Cousins (release)

Lakers sign Iguodala when he's bought out.

Lakers 2019/2020:

2020 NBA Champions!

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22 Aug 2019 13:28:06
Heat - Lakers - Thunder

Heat gets:
Muscala (expiring)
2022 2nd rd pick (Lakers)

Lakers gets:
Noel (expiring)

Thunder gets:
Dragic (expiring)
Cousins (release)
2023 2nd rd pick (Lakers)

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18 Aug 2019 17:02:39
MEM/ Lakers

Memphis trades Dwight Howard
Lakers trade Demarcus Cousins + 2023 2nd rounder (Lakers earliest available draft pick) .

Would have to wait until Dec 15, but doubt Memphis just buys out Howard unless he gives them a great deal (like 75% discount) .

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18 Aug 2019 23:38:40
That's not a good idea. Lakers can just put Cousins on the inactive list for the whole year and get a $1.75M credit to sign a player. Cousins could then just resign with the Lakers next offseason. Howard will be bought out eventually. Near side have no use for each other so its going to happen.

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15 Jul 2019 21:40:52
Lakers/Warriors trade lineup

PG Curry(Warriors)
SG Bradley
SF James
PF Davis
C Cousins(Warriors)

PG Russell
SG Robinson
SF Thompson
PF Kuzma(Lakers)
C Cauley

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16 Jul 2019 00:22:01
They want Curry to get traded to the Lakers because Kerr leaves a message for Curry to join the Lakers.

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15 Jul 2019 09:40:47
I said it a few months ago Dwight Howard coming back to La I don’t think we need him anymore though I think his ship sailed last year for a return only if he takes a veterans minimum and a bench player his starter years are over we need a couple things though a point and shooting guards lebron is a forward not a guard I heard they want to play lebron as point guard not his thing but I think we are ok for now we won’t make finals but far in the playoffs that’s my prediction but next year there must be moves trades for point and shooting guards.

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