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23 May 2019 16:58:56
If Lakers miss out on Davis and big FA so they have cap space. And draft a wing at #4

Lakers Thunder

Thunder get Wagner, Hart
Lakers get Adams

Thunder get Salary Relief and a young guard with potential in Hart.

Lakers give Lebron a good defensive big that can guard the wing and the paint similar to Thompson when he was actually playing good and they won the championship. And Adams has been top 3 in offensive rebounding over the past 3 years. And he can be more dominating on the offensive end with more touches. He has the 4th best career FG% in NBA History just 1 reason to let him take more shots.

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23 May 2019 07:56:08
What I would like to see might not happen but it would be great
1. Trade 4th pick ball and hart to wizards for John Wall
2. Trade Ingram Wagner and 2020 7th pick and cash for Anthony Davis
3. Sign Kyrie Irving
4. Get Pat Riley or bring back Jerry West to front office or even James Worthy

I know some of you will say won’t happen but all I can say is it’s a long shot that would be great if and if is a big word if this happens and One more thing

Frank Vogel Seriously what just happened you might as well get back Mike Di Antoni because that’s the same category coach they suck they wound be great in college ball not NBA coach material Tyron Lou wasn’t a good choice to me labron was the coach Lou was just there for the ride in Cleveland defense coach I’d go for Mike Thibodeau.

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23 May 2019 16:50:17
John Wall is injured and will be missing the entire 19-20 season. So he will not help. Signing Kyrie Irving would be a good move. I say take those same assets you were trading for Wall get Beal or Davis. Probably won't happen but who knows. Lakers have no plans to fill the president role and Jerry West nor Pat Riley haven't even been contacted about the job.

Vogel was actually a good hire. He specializes in defense. Completely different from D'Antoni. I think that the team will respond to him and be an upgrade from Luke Walton.

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22 May 2019 04:21:08

I'm another delusional Lakers fan

LAL get Beal & Prince
Sign Cousins

Pg Rondo/FA
Sg Beal/Hart
Sf James/Prince
Pf Kuzma/Wagner
Ce Cousins/McGee

ATL get 4th pick & Ingram
Draft Hunter

Pg Young
Sg Huerter
Sf Ingram
Pf Hunter
Ce Collins

WAS get 8th pick, 10th pick, Bazemore & Ball

Draft Culver, Hayes, Little

Ball starts until Wall comeback

Pg Ball
Sg Culver
Sf Bazemore
Pf Hayes
Ce Bryant

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22 May 2019 01:28:53
3-Team Trade with Pelicans and Bulls

Lakers Get: Anthony Davis

Bulls Get: Lonzo Ball

Pelicans Get: Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, 2019 Round 1 Pick 4, 2019 Round 1 Pick 7, 2021 Round 1(LA), 2020 Round 2(Chicago)

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20 May 2019 19:08:26
Lakers get GORDON and send to kings for second round pick and trade exception, Smith buyout and Houston 19 21 23 25 27 plus swap rights 26 and 24.

Cavs get capela and nene

Houston get lbj.

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20 May 2019 23:13:11
1 team can only include 4 picks in a trade and that includes swapping. Lebron James isn't getting traded.

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20 May 2019 18:05:58
Pelicans get pick 3 4 and 7 plus both dallas picks Robinson and smith Jr. They draft garland zion Barrett and reddish.

Lakers get holiday

Bulls get ball

Knicks get Davis

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23 May 2019 05:45:06
laker will not be any trades with davis that does not have davis going to lakers.

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20 May 2019 07:20:40
Bulls - Lakers
#7 pick , Porter Jr , Wendell Carter

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20 May 2019 14:49:44
Makes no sense.

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19 May 2019 19:47:58
Lakers off season plan. Draft Garland number 4. Trade ball for pick 7 and draft culver Tell LBJ to recruit u a max player or we can sign one year deals to vets and develop rookies and try again next year free agency for u a max player.
James/ Ingram

Lakers still have 37 mil in cap so there line up will change. Lakers need a big man so if LBJ fail to recruit a max player.
Lakers get Horford
Boston get hill Moore davis
Pelicans get lakers 2020 first, multiple first from Boston, brown and tatum

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19 May 2019 19:28:50
Lal, bulls, pelicans

Lal:Anthony Davis,

Bulls: lonzo ball

Pelicans: Ingram, Kuzma, bonga, picks 4 and 7

Sign kyrie


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19 May 2019 19:10:56
Lakers: Bradley Beal

Wizards: Brandon Ingram, Moritz Wagner, Josh Hart, pick 4

Lakers: pick 7

Bulls: lonzo ball,2 future 2nds

Lakers sign kyrie

Resign mcgee


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20 May 2019 10:38:09
If l'm trading for a guard it's Lillard.

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20 May 2019 14:52:16
Zanin true Lillard would be a nice choice but let's be realistic the Blazers aren't trading Lillard. Lakers are very limited on the trade market for a star guard.

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