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21 Nov 2021 20:31:02
If they didn’t fire Buss and traded James for Williamson. With the roster we have 2 years left. With the one below they would be competitive for years.
Pg. Ball, Caruso
Sg. D-Lo, Clarkson
Sf. Ingram, Kuzma
Pf. Williamson, Nance
C. Randle, Zubac.
With the rest of the roster get vets that will help train them.
Not it mention the #4 pick and all our picks back and any other picks we got in the James, Williamson trade.

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28 Nov 2021 16:33:45
I would have to disagree with you on being competitive for years with this roster. First let's look back on getting Lebron James. The Lakers had to trade Russell, Nance Jr. and Clarkson just to create salary cap space for Lebron to sign. So those players wouldn't even have been on the roster with James. If James hadn't sign with the Lakers then there would be no championship in 2019-2020 season. Davis and Lebron would probably be in either Chicago or New York right now. This team minus Williamson but plus the #4 pick (De'Andre Hunter) would be in the same position in the standings as the Lakers are in now if not worse. Those players are having individually success due to there roles on the the team they are on. Some doing better than others. As a collective unit this team would be too young and lacks that star players.

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04 Sep 2021 14:35:45
Are the Lakers a stacked superteam or are they washed and old?

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04 Sep 2021 01:06:35
So Lakers vs Nets

Durant Irving Harden Aldridge Griffin Millsap vs Lebron Davis Westbrook Howard Rondo Anthony Jordan Gasol (if stays)

This is basically the 2010's all star game lmao. How many are healthy by Christmas. Hope a complete one

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03 Aug 2021 20:58:50
I have faith. But it feels like 2004 again for the Lakers 😖

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03 Aug 2021 05:28:35
Looking like there’s absolutely no shot that Schroder gets the money he was seeking.

Any chance he re-signs with the Lakers now?

I think a 2yr 30m deal with a player option on the 2nd year could be good for both parties.

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06 Aug 2021 21:44:06
He should find a way to come to an agreement with the Lakers however I see him at this point moving on the for the MLE. Probably with the Celtics. There is very little interest around the league. The $84M offer rejection will go down as the second biggest mistake a player has made in NBA history. Right ahead of Oladipo's $87M rejection, and behind Noel's $70M offer rejection, Cousins rejecting $40M and Oladipo rejecting a second offer of $45M.

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02 Aug 2021 21:07:54
Lakers chose starpower over fit. I don't know where it might lead them to. On paper, it looks like a disaster. Only solution is that free agents (shooters) signs with them on a minimum deal. Good luck convincing them. Smh. Only thing that make this worth it is if they win one last chip for Lebron

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02 Aug 2021 00:44:56
Do you guys think there's any way the Lakers can still bring in Buddy Hield by way of a THT sign-and-trade?

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02 Aug 2021 15:02:55
No that is because of salaries. The only sign and trade for Hield would be Schroeder and the Kings don't need a third point guard. Now only if Schroeder is willing and if the Lakers, Kings and Wizards find a 4th team who wants Schroeder in a s&t like maybe the Knicks or Bulls those teams would have assets to send to the Wizards in a 4 team deal. Kings wanted Kuzma.

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06 Jul 2021 04:50:57
What would you guys think of Westbrook on the Lakers? He's obviously not the shooter that the Lakers want, but he'd be an upgrade over Schroeder and would thrive in a role as a playmaker alongside LeBron and AD. Thoughts?

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