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18 Nov 2017 15:09:36
Lonzo is not playing bad. His shot is the only thing that's wrong. Could we have won more games if he was making shots? Yes.

And that's literally all that the other point guard rookie in Dennis Smith Jr has over him. Lonzo's defense is better than expected, he's calm, he's had multiple games with under 2 turnovers and 5+ assists. He's had a triple double, he's had a career high 29 the second NBA game. He will be fine.

When his shot starts falling as Ingram's did this season, he will be averaging 14ppg, 10 apg, 6 rpg next season and will be a great piece. On top of that, we are only 16 games into this season and the Lakers have played against point guards such as John Wall x2, Pat Bev, Kyrie Irving, Dame Lillard...he will be fine.

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19 Nov 2017 18:59:19
Another thing he needs to add is his ability to get to the free throw line to his game. Most point guards are making double the amount of free throws he is taking so he needs to become more aggressive and drawing fouls. Say he drives 3 times to the basket and gets fouled makes 5 of 6. That's 5 points not on the board compared to say 3 times he shoots and misses or maybe even turns it over.

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08 Nov 2017 05:06:34
How does a buyout work against the cap hold? Is it only for the amount they settled for?

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08 Nov 2017 07:26:22
Yes. It is only for the amount the team and player settle for over the period of years of the contract.

Example Dwyane Wade was due $23.50 Million from the Bulls this 1 season. They bought him out at $15.50 Million. So the Bulls saved $8 Million on the cap.

If your wondering about Luol Deng if they stretch him he is due all his money but the Lakers will have $7.2 Million against the cap for 5 years. If the Lakers buy him out then that number will be higher against the cap but its only for this season and the next 2 seasons. The negative of a buy out would be free agency money against the cap next year unless Deng is generous and takes a much less of a buy out just to leave.

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29 Oct 2017 07:57:37
Most likely players traded.
What can we get for them?

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30 Oct 2017 14:49:42
The Lakers are preserving cap space so unless a playoff team is willing to trade an expiring contract and picks or if a lottery team is willing to give up a prospect and a #1 pick for Randle it will be hard for a trade to happen for the Lakers. I don't see either happening. Like what you mentioned before there are no guarantees top free agents are coming so Randle can still be on the team after this season.

Prediction: All 3 will be on the Lakers roster by the end of the season or Brewer/ Bogut will be waived before March.

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30 Oct 2017 23:54:35
Sorry I forgot to mention on trade for expiring contract or draft pick. But if we could get a young cheap talent I would be good with that. But I know unlikely.

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21 Oct 2017 00:37:24
I have to say I’m discussed with Patrick Beverly behavior last night on Lanzo Ball it’s not the kids fault his his father has to big of a mouth if Lanzo talked smack then yes Patrick was right but this is a young kids playing his first real nba game he was tight nervous and that’s going to take some time to get him mentally ready to play on the big stage Patrick Beverly pick on someone your own age you are a professional ball player not some street ball joe playing for fun and talk smack to who ever where ever you get payed to play as a professional so act like a professional and Patrick Beverly you should be ashamed of yourself I really feel owners and coaches should do more about there players behaviors because they are role models I don’t want my children acting like Patrick Beverly trash talking a young man he’s old enough to be his uncle he should be ashamed.

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22 Oct 2017 22:15:16
It's just talk and rough defense. Patrick Beverly does this to everybody he defends. IMO he didn't cross the line.

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17 Sep 2017 06:33:29
1.We get labron in 2018
2. Trade for sign how ever we do it get PG13
3. If possible I like to get Anthony Davis
4. Trade Larry Nance and brook lopez for Marc Garsol if its possible don't know his contract

So labron James - Paul George - Anthony Davis and Marc Garsol I think this is a dream team guys if it happens.

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15 Sep 2017 01:12:55
Lonzo Ball - 5
Russell Westbrook - 30
Paul George - 28
LeBron James - 30
Brandon Ingram - 5

Tyler Ennis - 1
Dwyane Wade - 10
Kyle Kuzma - 2
Larry Nance Jr. - 3
Ivica Zubac - 2

Total Payroll :116M

I think Luke Walton can flip the script on the NBA and completely abondon Centers by substituting with speed in tall and fast forward like LeBron and Ingram. Maybe this can be revolutionary.

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19 Aug 2017 08:50:05
Labron is leaving Cleveland 95% chance we need to make cap space we need to get rid of dengs contract even if we have to give up brook lopez jordon Clarkson and who ever else even Julius Randle if we have to we need to have a chance to bring labron to la in free agency.

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19 Aug 2017 15:20:54
Lakers have enough cap space for 2 max free agents next season. So the Lakers can get him + one more player. The problem is when people are wanting 3 max free agents. That will be tough even if the Lakers trade Deng and Clarkson. Lopez contract is expiring so it comes off the books. The thing though is if Lebron comes he may want to see the Lakers resign Lopez and Randle. Will get expensive.

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16 Aug 2017 18:24:16
Look. I don't think we need Lebron. I think Kyrie Irving the better solution long term, and I think the Lakers can help him become a better player with their staff. I would trade Brandon Ingram, Jordan Clarkson, Luol Deng and a future pick for him. Cavs would accept a great deal like that. Then we can get Paul George and find a way to get Boogie if it looks like an upgrade at center is needed to be very good. Depends on how this years team performs. And if Kyrie doesn't work out, trade him for Westbrook.

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16 Aug 2017 05:20:37
Lonzo Ball
Paul George
LeBron James
Brandon Ingram
Demarcus Cousins

Mario Chalmers
Dwyane Wade
Kyle Kuzma
Larry Nance Jr.
Channing Frye

James Jones

Make it happen in 2018

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05 Aug 2017 08:27:39
Do we have a roster spot open? It shows 16 player and I know one was a two way contract is Blue or Bryant a two way? If so I say look at Lawson for a back up pg or Muhammad. Maybe a change of scenery helps him, plus a back up if we don't get the stars next season.

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05 Aug 2017 23:46:38
Lakers have no roster spots opened. They signed Vander Blue to a partial guaranteed deal. Kind of like what Yi had last year. Basically Blue will be with the Lakers during preseason. If the Lakers trade Clarkson for cap space then they have Blue on the roster. If Clarkson stays then Bryant could be sent to the G-league (former D-league) or Vander Blue gets waived and has money coming to him. Basically this gives the Lakers more time with Vander Blue. Neither Blue or Bryant are on 2-way. Just Alex Caruso.

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15 Aug 2017 03:44:05
Well said.

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