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21 May 2023 03:36:33
Lakers goals

Resign Reaves and Hachimura

Don't bring back DLo under any circumstances

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Boxing Legends Part 5: Sugar Ray Leonard

04 May 2023 08:50:08
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Boxing Legends Part 5: Sugar Ray Leonard

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18 Mar 2023 11:43:22
These Lakers wont even make the play-in. They are not good and not so "lucky" enough to qualify 🤦🏻‍♂️

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21 Feb 2023 02:33:12
LeBron keeps proving all he cares about is his stats. The fact he played in the all-star game while sitting out actual games. The Lakers needed him to relax and heal up. Signing him was a huge mistake.

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30 Dec 2022 05:42:44
The 5 biggest mistakes the Lakers made in the last 10 years.
5. Draft Ball over Tatum.
4. Trade for Westbrook
3. Trade for Davis. Could of signed him a year later.
2. Sign Lebron. Single handedly ruined the Lakers.
1. Buss leaving. He was building a good team just needed to let them mature. Team would be a lot better with the young guys back.

Ball, Caruso
DLO, Clarkson
Randle, Nance, Wagner
Zubac, Bryant
And with the draft picks we missed.

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22 Jan 2023 00:34:45
You said a lot here. Just to point out first if the Lakers didn't make the trade which sent DLO out the pick for Kuzma wouldn't have come in. Also you forgot Ingram and Hart. So now lets look at that team with Ingram and Hart. First off the Lakers would be paying more for that team then the team they have now. Factoring in the draft picks they traded like #4 and #8 in recent years apart of the Davis trade. Next there wouldn't have been a championship in 2020. That's not happening. This overall is not a championship roster nor a playoff roster. So roster movement would have happened no matter what. I would say DLO, Randle, Clarkson, Nance and Wagner wouldn't have been apart of the team at this point. Ball and DLO wouldn't have made much sense together. I do agree Tatum should've been picked over Ball if they kept DLO. Now lets talk #3. Lakers would NOT have had Davis the next year. He would have been traded to Boston. A package was on the table but the Lakers package was better and the Celtics reluctance of trading Tatum. #2 Lebron James is a superstar talent. The issue is Davis has been injured and Westbrook trade didn't make sense. This year the Lakers could've won 10 more games if they just made 1 or 2 plays more and didn't give up big leads.

Here are a few mistakes I think they made.

*Trading Zubac away for Mike Muscala.
*Trading for Westbrook.
*NOT Trading for Buddy Hield from the Kings in exchange for Kuzma and Harrell.
*Select Ball over Tatum. However Davis wouldn't be apart of the team due to financial reasons if Tatum wasn't apart of the trade which Ingram was apart of anyway. Ingram, Tatum, Randle together? Not sure if that would work out. Randle would've had to be traded.
*Renouncing Julius Randle and getting nothing in return.

So after all this the Lakers would probably be in the exact same position and one less championship. With Lebron, Davis, and Westbrook Lakers fans would expect better. It's just an underachieving roster. Could shooters help? Yes but it cost salary cap which the Lakers don't have due to the contract of Westbrook.

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23 Jan 2023 01:09:04
Randle asked to leave because of LeBron. If he wasn’t here he would of stayed. I disagree they would be in a way better position with DLO, Ball, Ingram, Randle and Zubac. Not to mention they would have all those picks to up grade the roster. So trade a couple a get a real star. Davis and LeBron are great players but when is the last time they did not miss 1/ 4 of the season? So one championship and only because they had months off between. Is worth be more competitive for the last 4-5 years? The season before they traded for Davis they were 3rd or 4th before LeBron went down. Plan and simply they had depth with now they do not. The Westbrook trade was a total flop and that was LeBron and Davis wanting him. My reasoning behind keeping the youth is you could of traded for other stars that are not as old or injury prone. Media keeps saying how durable James is when he has missed 1/ 4 of the games every year except the season he had months off during it. To much money into guys that can’t play a full season.

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23 Jan 2023 23:12:40
I think we can both agree that Randle would've stayed if Lebron wasn't around and that the Westbrook trade wasn't a good idea. I wouldn't say it was a total flop but a $47M point guard off the bench is not what the Lakers really need. That will be corrected in the offseason. The only stars I could think of that would join the Lakers without Lebron and AD would be Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Those guys are not leading the Lakers to a championship either. Lakers made an huge investment in both Lebron and AD. All we can do is hope that the team will start winning games and get back into the playoff picture. AD returning is a start. Lebron is 38 years old so I don't expect him to play 75+ games a year. More like 60 games. That's just the way it is. To me that's not a big deal as long as they are winning without him which they are not. The idea that Westbrook would be the savior when Lebron is out didn't make a different.

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27 Nov 2022 16:08:44
The fact is the lakers should never have traded their whole team and future for one player no team is gonna help lakers every deal since has been a desperation move from purging salary to a wtf were you thinking westbrook trade. Ok sign him he were bought out but to trade your entire bench of roll players made absolutly no sense with that salary . Pelinka is not a real GM they dont need a third star. Just some young reliable shooters and a thug center so AD. Can play without being punished in the paint. The jazz were gonna help. Not now the pacers are sticking to their guns the hornets well there was a reason they wanted hayward in the trade AD is only thing they have of value but the rest of league will never pay what the lakers did

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01 Nov 2022 16:19:46
Lakers have no need for a racist, misinformed, egoist gauard from Brooklyn. The Lakers will loose all manner of fans and credibility if they trade or sign for the malcontent that shall not be named!
Let's hear from Kareem, he's the intelligent moral pluse we should all listen too in the NBA

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03 Nov 2022 21:12:54
You can probably take it one step further which is no team will be interested. I think he may retire after this season.

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31 Oct 2022 21:49:31
Lakers news: Anthony Davis gets real on pain in his back

“A pretty good amount, ” Davis said about how much pain he felt, via Lakers Nation. “On the putback, it kind of just comes and goes, these little shocks that go. But at that point, you’re playing off adrenaline and so I know tonight, maybe into tomorrow, I’m probably gonna feel it more. But this is all manageable. Just trying to do what I can to make sure I’m on the floor to help the team.

“Keep doing what I’m doing, ” Davis added. “It was killing me tonight but I tried to do whatever I could do to help the team get a win. So if that means fighting through it, we’re gonna fight through it. I got two days in between games to get it right for New Orleans on Wednesday but I’m gonna do everything I can to make sure we get it done. ”

A little too early in the season for all this.

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02 Sep 2022 01:35:25
Kendrick Nunn, who was a Laker last season but missed the entirety of the season (a rarity for the injury type) due to a bone bruise, is progressing quite slowly, a bad sign for the Lakers as training camp is right around the corner.

Speaking to Michael Scotto, here's what The Athletic's Jovan Buha had to say about Nunn's injury progression:

"He's been around the facility shooting and working out. It's been a slower than anticipated ramp-up. They've got Pat, so he's the best addition of the offseason.

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22 Aug 2022 12:27:35
What would be the smartest to do for the Lakers?

1) Trade 2 first round picks and Westbrook for Irving.
2)Trade 2 first round picks and Westbrook for Turner and Hield
3)Trade Westbrook and one first round pick
4) Keep Westbrook
5)something else

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24 Aug 2022 03:06:05
At this point keep Westbrook and keep both first round picks. Turner is a free agent after the season and Hield will not make the Lakers any better. It would be a mistake trading 2 firsts for those 2 players.

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19 Aug 2022 15:51:14
James just screwed the Lakers! Now there is no chance of winning a championship. Near $50 million for a nearly 40 year old. Are you kidding me! When is the last time he played more than 70 games? Now not much cap room for the next 2 years. Almost $100 million between 2 players that can’t play more then 3/ 4 of the games.

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24 Aug 2022 03:04:21
Lebron James is a superstar talent. If he is not on the team the Lakers will be irrelevant. Lakers will have $20M in cap space next season plus the mid-level to sign players that's with Lebron and AD on the roster. Might as well anyway cause the pick would be owed to the Pelicans so say if the Lakers had no Lebron James at all the would be at the bottom in the west and no pick.

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01 Sep 2022 01:05:57
We had Lebron last year and we didn’t even make the play in. He nor Davis can play a full season. Only reason they won the 2020 was because they had 2 months off to get healthy. But if Lebron really cared about winning he could of signed for less like Harden. I understand he is a great talent but he is over rated. If Kobe had Davis and Westbrook there is no way they miss the playoffs not to mention the play in. My issue isn’t signing him but at this stage he is not worth $50 million a year.

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06 Jul 2022 19:37:45
I think Lakers got some good quality signings this year. One big thing they got instead of last summer is youth and fresh legs.

Jones & Bryant are both quality centers that will be an upgrade over Howard at this point imo. Bryant can space the floor and Jones has potential to be a 10 & 8 guy if given 20+ mins a game. Lonnie Walker is a good pickup to replace and re-up his value like Monk. Brown and Anderson aren't bad deep bench players. I really like the Pippin pickup for 2-way.

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28 Jun 2022 07:45:15
Lakers...I know it's easy to focus on trading Russ but here are your returning pieces:


See what O'Neal and Pippen do in summer league...

I focus more on getting shooting and defenders than an unpredictable Irving.

Not sure how the rules work but can LBJ and Russ opt out to open a max slot and take less money and return? You throw a Zach Lavine and possibly a Mitchell Robinson, you're adding the right side of youth and experience.

Not sure if that can happen but a lineup of


That would be ALOT Better than last year.

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28 Jun 2022 15:53:20
As far as the opt out Lebron has no opt out. He has an expiring contract. Westbrook had an opt out but he opted in today at $47M. Westbrook is not in the Lakers long term plans so him opting out would make no sense cause no team is going to pay him anything close to that. Lavine to the Lakers is Out. Not happening. He will sign with Bulls at 5 years $250M max money. Robinson will have to take less with the Lakers so I don't see him coming either. There is talk about Monk accepting a $6M mid level so we will see but he will have teams interested. Lakers need to wait til next off season to have cap space.

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27 Jun 2022 23:56:20
Lakers should hold on to Westbrook until the trade deadline, he will have much more value then. they might actually GET assets back instead of having to GIVE assets just to trade him now. especially if he has a better season.

Lakers are closing on a rebuild. maximize the assets (Westbrook COULD be an asset, yes) and start thinking about the future.

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28 Jun 2022 15:57:42
You use the word asset well around the league Westbrook is not an asset. He has an expiring contract which would net the Lakers long term bad contracts which the Lakers will have no salary flexibility next off season if the trade Westbrook. What will happen is Westbrook will play out his contract and become a free agent next off season. If the Lakers do poorly they will just buy him out and he will become a free agent during the season where the Lakers have no long term commitment.

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26 Jun 2022 22:25:14
Sign and trade for Kyrie in three team deal with Pacers which rids us of Westbrick
Then sign and trade for Lavine sending Davis home
Imagine a lineup with Lebron, Kyrie and Lavine?
Let's do it!!!!!

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