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18 Apr 2018 17:54:17
2018 Lakers offseason
Suns trade Tyson chandler , Jared Dudley
Lakers trade Zubac , Deng , 2018 Cavs 1st , 2019 2nd , 2020 1st , and Josh Hart

Sign Paul George 3yrs - 100mil
Sign Brook Lopez 3yrs - 30mil
Sign Rajon Rondo 2yrs - 10mil
Sign JJ Reddick 1yr 12mil
Sign Dwayne Wade 1yr 5mil
Lonzo / Rondo / Ennis
Reddick / Wade
George / Dudley
Ingram / Kuzma
Lopez / Chandler/ Bryant

Chandler and Dudley's contract are only for next season .
Lakers can make bigger moves 2019 free agency.
Seems more realistic than lebummm coming .

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18 Apr 2018 21:53:46
This isn't realistic either. Lakers can't trade back to back picks. They already traded 2018 so 2019 is not available for trade. They must make that selection. Wade will either resign with the Heat or retire. He wouldn't come to LA. JJ Reddick hates LA and that is well reported. So he wouldn't come either. Paul George will be the only playing out of that bunch that would get a multi year deal from the Lakers. Lopez will get a better offer elsewhere. Unless he takes a 1 year deal from the Lakers he is good as gone.

18 Apr 2018 07:46:18
LAL Signs PG in the Offseason but can't snag a second star

LAL trade: Deng, Zubac, Pick 25 & 47, '19 & '20 2nds
Suns trade: Chandler, Dudley

LAL resigns:
KCP - 2yr/26m(2nd year team option)
Lopez - 1yr/8m
Randle - 3yr/36m
IT - 1yr/12m

PG: Lonzo, IT, Ennis
SG: KCP, Hart
SF: PG, Ingram, Dudley
PF: Kuzma, Randle
C: Lopez, Chandler

LAL can then focus on 2019 free agency to add a second star (Leonard or Klay would fit perfectly)

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18 Apr 2018 21:59:33
You are very close to what might happen but a couple things. If the Lakers get Paul George then KCP is gone. Lakers will want to start Ingram. Lopez I do agree would get only a 1 year deal with the Lakers but it will probably be for $15M to $18M. My prediction is he finds a better offer elsewhere like a 3 year $50M-$55M deal. Randle will probably get a 4 year $65-$72M deal. He might want a 5th year from the Lakers.

18 Apr 2018 07:06:52
Sign n trade JR n BI 2 first round for Kawhi?
I'm pretty sure PG n Lebron will sign.
Resign Lopez for cheap


If Kawhi ops out 2019 try to sign Klay
Starting line up 2019
Champions once again!!!!!

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20 Apr 2018 16:59:12
What's interesting is after what rumor came out yesterday about Kawhi Leonard to the Lakers this is what Magic and Rob are probably thinking as far as lineup.

18 Apr 2018 07:03:35

*Randle - 50mil/4yrs with option 4th year
*Thomas - 45mil/3yrs
*Andre Ingram - minimum

Cavs 1st round pick, Ingram, Deng for Kawhi


*Avery Bradley - 22mil/3yrs
*Paul Geogre - 100mil/4yrs(2nd option if spurs won't deal kawhi)
*Kanter - 60mil/4yrs

Line Up:

George or Kawhi/Late Draft Pick

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18 Apr 2018 22:05:11
Kanter will be looking for a bigger deal and probably will resign back with the Knicks. I do agree that the deal you have for Kawhi is probably what it will take for the Lakers to get him but will the Spurs deal him to the Lakers? That's the big question. Paul George is a first option not a second option.

17 Apr 2018 10:11:01
Lakers Offseason:

- Luol Deng, Zubac, Cavs 1st to Orldando for Vucevic

- Lebron James - 3yrs/100M
- Paul George - 3yrs/100M
- Julius Randle - 4yrs/44M
- Nerlens Noel - 1yr/Min
- Seth Curry - 1yr/Min

PG - Ball, Seth Curry
SG - George, Hart
SF - Lebron, Ingram
PF - Randle, Kuzma
C - Vucevic, Noel

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18 Apr 2018 06:57:20
Lebron wants a max 35m per year. 70m 2yrs
PG is about 30m per year 120m 4 yrs
Randle wants at least 15m per year 60m per year.

17 Apr 2018 02:07:32
the Magic get Ball and Gasol(buy out) save 7 million now and 23 million next year

The Lakers get Kawhi

The Spurs get Kemba, Vucevic, Fournier, Ingram, and 2 Lakers 2nds

The Hornets get White, Murray, Lauvergne, Zubac, the Spurs 18 1st and the Orlando 19 1st top 10 protected plus they save 6 million

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11 Apr 2018 21:43:56
Just dreaming here. What about Deng,Ingram and first round (Cleveland) and first next year (Lakers) for Kawhi?
I think the Spurs would think about it. That's the best offer they will get around the league. Kawhi is injured and value is low.
Also give Boogie 2 years $35 m 2nd team option.
Sign PG


Is it possible?

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14 Apr 2018 09:31:10
Not sure how you fit PG Kawhi Randle and Boogie under the same salary cap.

14 Apr 2018 21:40:33
It won't work cause Boogie will want a max contract over 4 years if he signs with the Lakers. For the Lakers to get Boogie and PG on the roster they will need to stretch Deng out. To get Randle back on the roster with 2 max players the Lakers must remove Deng off the books completely.

14 Apr 2018 22:24:07
If you have Boogie, they have to let Randle walk .

BOOGIE is My FAVORITE CENTER but he is hurt until december .

So i m not sure they will sign him.

09 Apr 2018 10:40:59
George is good but can't see him making us contenders and james probably doesn't want to leave the east so this would be my idea

Trade ingram kuzma 2019 first and deng for leonard and expiry(wave)
Sign cousins 2 years 40mil(returning from the injury probably won't get more anywhere) and randle 4 years 55mil
2019 try for thompson if enough cap space

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14 Apr 2018 22:36:27
LET me be The FIRST to tell you this!

** IF MAGIC make trade FOR KAWHI!

KING JAMES WILL RUN FOR TO PLAY FOR US 😂🤣😂🤣 cause PG13 will come.

ZO + PG13 + KAWHI + LEBRON + C (noel)

05 Apr 2018 07:52:25

sas-gasol/ ingram/ dillon brooks/ hart/ 1st rd frm lal 2019

lal- leonard

mem- kuzma/ mills/ paul.

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06 Apr 2018 08:49:42
Why would the Lakers trade Ingram, hart, Kuzma, and a first rounder just for Leonard who is a free agent in 1 year? That makes no sense.

05 Apr 2018 06:24:47
Spurs get Ingram Kuzma Kanter Lee
Lakers get Ntilikina Claw 38 44
Knicks get Ball Deng Gasol


Spurs have no need for Ball and dealing with father, but get great return g for someone who will leave to LA to improve his market value.

George/vet minFA/Diop-44th
Randle/vet minFA/Wagner-38th

Lakers loose 3 big pieces to get a superstar. But the superstar draws Paul George and Boogie to joins him than extend Randle and Thomas.


Knicks know how hard it is to add another star without loosing Porzingis or trading picks. Taking on 2 bad contracts might be the cost to land Ball while loosing Frank and Enes. Ny will have to continue make other moves to create cap space to add FA's in 2019. Ny circus will feed into the Balls family. Knicks will pick up LiAngelo undrafted to develop in G league.

Bulls get 9th Deng Noah
Knick get Holiday Lopez Mathews Asik
Mavs get Hardaway Bulls 2nd

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05 Apr 2018 21:33:31
Lakers wouldn't do that. Lakers have Ingram, Ball and Kuzma in place to attract star players for the Lakers.


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