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10 Mar 2019 14:27:28
Trade lebron for ben simmons and sixers unprotected 1st rd pick

Sign kawhi,danny green and cousins

B Simmons

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10 Mar 2019 06:52:40
Lakers Off-season

Lakers Trade LeBron James

Clippers Trade Danilo Gallinari

Lakers Sign Kawhi Leonard 3 yrs 130 millions

Lakers Trade Lonzo Ball

Knicks Trade Dennis Smith Jr

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08 Mar 2019 17:30:00
The Lakers get Harris and Allen

The Nets get Ingram

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08 Mar 2019 15:06:50
Trade lebron back to cavs for kevin love and 2019 cavs 1st rd pick

draft rj barrett for cavs pick
draft bol bol for lakers own pick

sign: Irving and Cousins


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07 Mar 2019 21:09:48
To be honest it's about time to shut it down for the season get a pick between 7-12 then we have a valuable trade asset
Lets say we get the 9th pick

2019 1st
2021 1st
For Davis

I feel are best bet for a free agent that would come would be kyrie or kemba or Middleton or klay
Starting 5
Now time for the dream kawhi signs
We trade 2019 1st 2021 1st
Kuzma hart and Ingram for Davis

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07 Mar 2019 00:44:08

LAL get Westbrook & Roberson

OKC get James & Ball

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06 Mar 2019 20:07:04
This may seem strange BUT is it possible for the Lakers to trade LBJ? Hear me out...The Lakers are on the verge to lose more games than they did last year. They have Ingram, Ball, Hart, Kuzma and a max slot coming open......
Could a team like Denver, that "should " be in "win now" mode next season send Harris, Porter Jr, Barton, Hernangomez and an unprotected 1st to LA for Lebron?
I'm a Laker fan BTW... That's something that a star free agent can buy into. Let's say we can swing for Durant and Thompson ....

Durant/Porter Jr

With all those assets, you could possibly find a trade partner for that 3rd star.

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06 Mar 2019 23:39:45
This comment goes out to everybody who suggest the Lakers trade Lebron James. Yes the Lakers can trade him but they won't trade him especially not now or without him requesting a trade. If the Lakers were to trade him he would just retire. This is Lebron James. He isn't going to play for a team he didn't request or sign with.

05 Mar 2019 01:36:31
LAL 2019-20

sign Kyrie Irving 4yr max
sign Dewayne Dedmon 2yr/15mil
resign McGee & Bullock

keep the young core

Pg Ball/Hart
Sg Irving/Bullock
Sf Ingram/Kuzma
Pf LeBron/Wagner
Ce Dedmon/McGee

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25 Feb 2019 07:26:41
lmk what your guy's thoughts are about this. just little something i put together. but anything can happen differently. lol

i believe the cap space for 2019 is 132m. Assuming we miss on durant and kawhi. klay says he wants to stay with gsw. jimmy has been lots of drama.
kyrie does not seem like he wants to be in celtics uniform anymore.
kemba walker needs to be in a winning team and hornets are not going to be there any time soon witht he people they got.

lonzo and ingram for beal.
FA sign-
kemba or kyrie for 4 yrs 139max 4 yrs 139 max.
resign javle for min.
now get role players to help our poor shooting/ defs.

pg- kemba/ kyrie 32m, isaac 1.4m
sg- beal 27m, hart 2m
sf- lebron 37,
pf- kuzma 1.9m,
cc- javale min 2.4m, wagner 2m

second option
FA sign-
demarcus cousins 4yrs 139 max
middelton 4yrs 72m (great shooter and defender)
plenty of cash left to sign role players.
have kuzma come off the bench and help score. lakers are not going to let ingram come off the bench.

pg- lonzo 8.7m, isaac 1.4m
sg- middelton 18m, hart 2m
sf- ingram 8m
pf- lebron 37m, kuzma 2m
cc- cousins 32m, wagner 2m.

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25 Feb 2019 20:53:08
The salary cap max is projected to be $109M. The Lakers would be at $65M payroll by the summer. So that leaves $44M. Idea 1 can work. Idea 2 can't. There isn't plenty of cash flow to sign players if you invest $50M in Cousins and Middleton with $44M in space, lol. By trading Ingram and Ball for Beal that will give extra money.

26 Feb 2019 01:58:52
Tbh i think lakers are just way to impatient. Russell is avg 20 and 8.randle is avg 20 and 10. Thomas bryant is having a awsome season with wizards. We all knw why russell got traded. But if they were going to let randle walk then i don't understand why they wouldn't traded him for cousins a few years ago. They wouldn't package randle nance and first rounds for cousins. Also if they would had kept russell and randle then draft tatum instead of lonzo. we would ne nice right now. Just wouldn't have kuzma lol. I am a lonzo fan too but we need to be more patient. Ingram is starting to play a lot better this mid season. i would just keep our same players this year and hope to land 1 more superstar in free angency.

26 Feb 2019 23:01:23
The Lakers were willing to trade Randle and Russell for Cousins. The Kings wanted Ingram instead of Russell. Which the Lakers weren't interested in doing. Vlade Divac the Kings GM admitted the Lakers offer was better than the Pelicans but too the Pelicans offer anyway. Lakers fans have to understand that small market teams are not the Lakers friends.

Right now they don't want to deal with the Lakers at all and give the Lakers a star player. Russell and Thomas are playing well due to minutes. They weren't getting the same minutes as a Laker. Nobody was offering anything at the deadline for Randle. Lakers were't going to give him a long term deal so it was best to let him walk especially when you have Lebron James on the team. He wouldn't get the same minutes as he is as a Pelican.

26 Feb 2019 23:57:11
Russell is playing well due to yrs of development. I wouldn't say mins cause he played good mins in LA. But however russell did do some immature things ohh n the locker room to lead him to a trade. However my point us for the lakers to be patient and nkt try to trade our entire squad for anthony davis. c'mon he's a free agent the following year. u got to give lonzo a little time. Ingram is starting to blossom. Everybody already knows how special kuzma is. Yea i know we got lebron now. But don't forget this, lebron sign with the lakers knwing this was the young squad he had to be patient with.

27 Feb 2019 17:16:10
I do agree with the impatience. Making quick fixes is why Magic Johnson was hired. When hired he had a 2 year deadline. This summer will be key. I just think Magic needs to take it down a little and start looking at the future rather than what happens now. Cause the Lakers aren't winning no championship the way the team is now. Hopefully Kuzma and Ingram turn into allstars. I don't see Lonzo Ball as an allstar player but a role player especially when he doesn't have to shoot the ball with Lebron James on the team.

19 Feb 2019 03:10:01
Been awhile but ok
The way to get Davis is to steal kyrie Irving
Plan B
Trade Ingram,ball,1st ed to Washington for Beal
Sign Kemba and Cousins

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