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18 Jan 2018 02:21:01
LA nation what's going to happen.
Sign D Cousins
Resign J Randle no max
Should sign Avery Bradley

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16 Jan 2018 04:26:51
If we trade for a player like Cousins can we resign him if we are over the limit?

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16 Jan 2018 18:04:50
Yes Cousins can be resigned and the Lakers can go over the limit if traded for before the trade deadline.

15 Jan 2018 08:30:51
After the season the players I want not what think we are going to get chances are we won’t but hey let’s try it

1.Labron James win win he will bring more money on seats and more wins to la
2. Marc Garsol 2 reasons he’s a solid strong aggressive center and the Garsol family we had good luck with his brother pau is a smarter player than Marc but Marc is stronger in the paint
3. Lamarcus aldridge great all around player
4. Tony Parker still a solid player at his last year’s as a player but can do 2 things still play at a high level and he knows how to win something the lakers haven’t done in a long time
5.ill leave this pick up to you guys but this pick has to be a defensive player a monster creature someone like Denis Rodman.

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15 Jan 2018 08:21:35
I think we should put ball on the trading block for 2 reasons
1. See what we can get
2. Sure lovar up to show him your son is just a player like everyone else on the nba he can be traded for any reason and he could be the biggest reason we want to see basketball not a soap opera

Just because we put him on the block doesn’t mean we don’t have to trade him so before everyone freaks out on oh what are you saying let me clear that up another thing the kid has greatness he will be great but I think just putting him on the block is a win win situation.

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13 Jan 2018 04:03:27
Are there any good young centers that can shoot the 3 and plays defense? That the Lakers could get?

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13 Jan 2018 07:26:29
There really aren't many centers that shoot the 3 to begin with. Demarcus Cousins is the best 3 point shooting center. Marc Gasol would be another one potentially available. Then we have Brook Lopez already who shoots the 3. All 3 play good defense. KAT, Al Horford, Pau Gasol are the others I can think of that aren't available that can shoot the 3 and play defense.

10 Jan 2018 13:55:31
why can't the lakers go over salary cap but just under luxury tax set at 119 mil next season there is an exemption of 8.4 mil

offer LeBron 30 mil per year for 2 years. pg13 25 mil per year for 4 years

if LeBron fail offer Boggie 25 mil per year for 4 years

use the excemption money plus Bird rights to resign Randle

trade Clarkson. Nance Jr for best available draft picks

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10 Jan 2018 16:24:45
Lets start off with the luxury tax and going over. Teams can't go over the tax signing other players only the players on their team. Example if the Lakers were to extend Randle they can go over the cap. What the Lakers are trying to do is shed salary so they can sign multiple players without worry about going over luxury tax. Tax exemptions are for players who are willing to sign for it or the Lakers can trade the exemption. That's harder to do. Randle is at the end of his rookie deal. They Lakers can extend an offer sheet at $5.6M, extend him, waive him, trade Randle, or Randle signs an offer sheet from another team that the Lakers must match exact terms. They can't give Randle the exemption. He doesn't qualify years wise for it.

Second we don't know what is in the mind of Lebron, PG, and Cousins. Do they want to pay together? Don't know. Will they take less like Durant did to play together? Don't know. Have to wait and see however if 2 of them come the Lakers can just give them the max without worrying about them accepting less.

11 Jan 2018 06:42:51
thanks for that still learning cap rules l'm from Australia

l thought Bird rule came in effect after 3 years with team Randle on 4th year plus GWS used exemption money to sign Swaggy P

if LA serious about contending then should push luxury tax threshold Cleveland been paying it for years.

11 Jan 2018 19:52:35
Randle and Swaggy P are two different situations. Swaggy P is in his 11th season. When he was done with his rookie deal which he was traded from the Wizards to the Clippers nobody was giving him the extension he wanted so he signed with the Sixers on a 1 year deal.

Then eventually got the extension with the Lakers. Randle will be in demand so he will get an extension. I think he is looking for Harrison Barnes numbers which is 4 years $96M. Lakers can't afford that if they are looking to add all star talent.

When you say Lakers should push over the luxury tax like Cleveland true and false. True cause you want to add pieces to win. False cause the Cavaliers are have financial issues. They are losing money. They have multiple bad contracts. Thompson, Shumpert, JR Smith to name a few.

Bad contracts as in it will take the Brooklyn pick to get of them. If Lebron leaves then Cleveland is stuck. Right now Cleveland is winning games so luxury tax penalty isn't noticeable as much.

08 Jan 2018 00:15:24
This young core isn't working these players have already max potential. Better hope to trade Randle,Deng,and a pick for Cousins not to Dallas. Drafting Ball was a mistake but got to roll with it now.

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08 Jan 2018 14:11:03
Hey look, a Debbie Downer.

08 Jan 2018 19:09:54
So after 33 career games and doing exactly what management drafted him to do you think Ball was a mistake? What are you expecting? Are you expecting James, George and Cousins to just come to the Lakers this off season? They aren't showing up with some of that young core intact. Like Ball, Ingram and Kuzma. The other thing you have to look at is what if none of those 3 sign guess what the Lakers still have to build around the young core.

09 Jan 2018 01:14:37
First of all cousuns and george wanna be in LA anyway and its got nothing to do with the product on the court. As for 33 games randle and ingram have two yrs to prove themselves how that workn out. Ball shot going to always be bad but as i said got to keep him but if his asshole dad continue to be a distraction he could be traded.

09 Jan 2018 07:23:19
The progress with Randle and Ingram are going good. The problem with Randle is the extension he wants. Lakers aren't extending him right now cause of that vision of George and Cousins coming. My point is Lakers need to be careful cause there are no guarantees either with sign. My response to that would be let's wait and see what happens. As far as Ball I doubt Magic Johnson trades Ball cause of his father. let's be real for a second on 2 issues. 1) Magic Johnson knew what he signed up for when drafting Lonzo Ball. He knew his father would talk. I feel that ESPN puts too much hype into Lavar Ball and that is the source of the problem. I am unsure why ESPN wants to get viewers based on what Lavar Ball says about Luke Walton. It's stupid. 2) When you say trade Lonzo Ball who is going to want Lonzo Ball after his dad talked about the coach? I'm telling you right now I doubt there will be many takers for him. Teams don't want the hype around. Now the Lakers can handle this hype cause this is Los Angeles. However this is the only place that can probably handle the hype other than maybe New York. That's iffy cause fans would turn on you in New York if you don't perform fast.

11 Jan 2018 00:07:44
Debbie downer lakernation i'm about reality and i said long ago LA would trade away these players. Have you read your posts lol you whack don't know LA history.

06 Jan 2018 05:08:22
Man, it hurts watching the lakers play.

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07 Jan 2018 01:29:57
I agree but they are a young team with no go to veterans. It’s going to happen.

04 jan 2018 16:48:49
pope, lopez, zubac, and nance needs to go for draft picks, or target aaron gordon, nerlens noel, and boogie cousins. you need cousins scoring and toughness. gordon is big, fast, athletic, and can score. noel is athletic, rebounder, rim protector, and would be great on pick and roll.

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05 Jan 2018 00:12:55
Well Noel is injured right now so he is out. The problem with Pope and Lopez is that the Lakers aren't taking back contracts for next season and many teams just don't have expiring contracts valued up to Pope $18M and Lopez $23M. The draft pick you are thinking of would be a 2nd round pick. The only team that would make sense would be the Sixers at this point. Zubac and Nance can be moved quickly but the Lakers aren't going to let them go for cheap. It wouldn't make sense to trade Nance. Zubac maybe but do you want a 2nd for him? Probably not.

05 Jan 2018 02:40:31
Plus I would keep Pope and Lopez as back ups Incase we strike out on Cousins, George and James. Nance is on a friendly contract maybe if we could get a first. Zubac let him develop. He’s cheap. We need some cheap contracts to get room for the big names.

07 Jan 2018 01:25:12
Why would you keep Pope for “backups”? He is pure trash. Low basketball IQ, anti-clutch, gambling defense, streaky shooting. It pains me too see him play. I don’t care if he shares the same agent as LeBron. LeBron isn’t just going to say “thanks for taking care of KCP, sign me up”. Josh Hart deserves to be getting his minutes, he is younger and without a doubt, better. That’s my 2 cents.

07 Jan 2018 19:15:46
Lakernation KCP is not trash. He is the Lakers best defender and does have some offensive game. His outside shooting hasn't been impressive but has shown moments on the defensive end. Putting Hart in the starting line up is fine but keep in mind Lakers aren't winning with him as a starter either.

08 Jan 2018 14:17:03
The lineup was pretty weak when Hart was in the lineup, no Ball and Ingram for a few games. I just hope we pull it together so we don’t give the Celts a high draft pick. Cupcake and Buss are still screwing us over : (.

08 Jan 2018 19:14:43
Yeah that Nash trade didn't pan out. The issue is that this team just isn't playing well. If it did then the draft pick would be lower. Giving the Celtics a pick was the fault of the Sixers. So far Fultz hasn't played and they gave the Celtics the 3rd and either the Lakers pick this year or Kings pick next year. That was kind of stupid. Eventually these picks the Celtics are getting will come to an end. I personally find it funny that Celtics fans are more concerned about getting the Lakers pick than winning a championship this season. It's like will this pick pan out and also will this pick even be on the team.

04 Jan 2018 05:31:30
Fire Luke and trade everyone except Kyle K.

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04 Jan 2018 16:33:21
Lakers problem is play not coaching. Players turn the ball over, miss free throws, miss 3 point shots, look like they don't want to be on the court. Magic Johnson will probably have to revamp the roster this off season but it may not be with the players that people are thinking of. I wouldn't trade Ball or Ingram either. Ingram needs to show some kind of growth. Very inconsistent right now.

05 Jan 2018 05:19:51
People expected to much. The guys are young and need time to jell.


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