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04 Feb 2019 08:20:13
Thursday is coming, I am much excited in NBA allstar draft than the trade deadline..

Im very intrigued of who will LeBron going to pick first.. It may hint who will their first target in Free Agency..
Durant, Leonard or Irving??
or maybe LeBron will pick Curry first..

Davis will probably pick by Giannis 1st in reserves..

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08 Feb 2019 02:40:41
I question Giannis picks. Leonard is on the board and he picks Embiid. He gets first pick in the second round and picks Middleton first. Then picks Jokic over Thompson or Westbrook. Luckily Lebron gave him a gift and traded him Westbrook for Simmons. Lebron got the all free agent team. Durant, Irving, Leonard, Thompson, and Davis (next season) .

30 Jan 2019 05:38:50
I hope we don't trade for AD. We would regret it. Unless we keep 2 of our 5 youngsters, not worth it. I like our youngsters. Be patient Laker Nation.

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29 Jan 2019 11:44:09
Just read a report saying Davis will only committ to lakers long term. Davis camp saying lakers his preferred destination. My opinion which was right according to the report. Which is y I said Lakers get Davis because he wants to be there.

Also there a report about klay leaving golden state if they don't max him out to play with davis and James if Lakers can get davis. Just was my opinion too because it make sense for klay to play with James even with out davis. Which is now on a report but few people on this sight was overwhelmed about it but i'm not the only one with that opinion. Till klay signs with golden state It's going to be a lot of speculation he signs with Lakers just like with george and many others.

Purple and gold never fold

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28 Jan 2019 11:51:41
Is it just me or has a deal been done for A Davis
Zubac, KCP, Ingram getting lot of minutes and the ball

Davis out for more than a week

It just might be wishful thinking

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24 Jan 2019 19:46:48
Do y'all think it's best for the Lakers to make the playoffs as a 6-8 seed or miss the playoffs and use the lottery pick to help trade for another player

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24 Jan 2019 21:56:07
It would be best for the Lakers to make the playoffs and get whatever experience the young core can from it. The pick will be 14th which is the last in the lottery.

23 Jan 2019 18:43:47
I know this will be brought up so I will break it down. Carmelo Anthony will be waived by the Bulls. The only way the Lakers get him is either trade a player for a draft pick or waive a player. If the Lakers were to make a trade that opened up a roster spot for Carmelo then the Lakers would probably sign him. Odds of it happening 5%. So don't count on it.

Don't count on the Lakers to make any major moves if any this trade deadline. Lakers are holding onto cap space created to sign a max free agent this summer. So no Marc Gasol, Mike Conley or Bradley Beal aren't being traded to the Lakers.

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24 Jan 2019 21:19:43
I would have gotten Marc Garsol a few years ago but now he’s to old and our centers are doing good not great but good if we do get him it’s got to be at a small price.

15 Jan 2019 12:07:10
Just a comparison
Lonzo Avg 9ppg , 5reb, 5apg, 32%3pt, 42%ft

Russell Avg 18ppg, 4reb, 6apg, 36%3pt, 81%ft

Lillard Avg 26ppg, 4.5reb, 6apg, 37%3pt, 90%ft

Fox Avg 18ppg, 3.5reb, 7apg, 37%3pt, 72%ft

Walker Avg 25ppg, 4reb, 5apg, 36%3pt, 81%ft

Seriously consider a good deal for Lillard at trade deadline if no deal play out year with Lebron maybe get into second playoffs

Seriously consider 10 to 14 mil a year deals for Walker or Russell both free agents July

Put a good deal together for Davis don't stuff about put your cards on the table if it's knocked back so be it

Need something done
Lebron can't be superman forever even Jordan had to retire

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15 Jan 2019 19:50:29
Lakers are close to last in three point percentage which is why Lonzo Ball's assists are low. I've seen so many time Lonzo pass the ball to an outside shooter and they miss a wide out shot. KCP, Ingram or Kuzma mostly.

14 Jan 2019 14:16:16
The lakers meet to change the starting line up to this. Lonzo Ball. KCP. B.I. KUZ. Zubac. Zubac is better then megee and Chandler he has shown that in the limited time he's playing but like won't play him I just don't understand it. Luke just can't coach.

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14 Jan 2019 05:24:36
Defeated by cavs!! 20% 3pointers and 60% Fts... at home!!
can we just get rid of everyone? And get some guys who can shoot!!

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07 Jan 2019 03:49:20
I think Lakers are up to a trade. Not because there recent play. They stretched deng but y. It didn't help them this year. Y not trade your 2019 pick and deng for trade exemption and 2019 second on draft night when deng is owed just 18 mil. So they could maximized there cap by like 7 mil Not much But could get a better player with 7 mil or use to add to get a player and a second pick Then a 2019 first. They could even keep the 2019 second pick or Make it a future second pick plus give the team max money Lakers could give them. So a trade involving the 2019 pick is my opinion for a better player

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07 Jan 2019 05:33:19
I have those answers for you. No team was going to help the Lakers create cap space without getting Kuzma and or Ingram included into the deal. They would have to also be using up their owe cap space to take on Deng, Ingram, and Kuzma. Lakers weren't going to do that and shouldn't do that. Deng took a $7M discount to be released this past off season. If the Lakers were to have released him this summer it would've cost more money overall. He counts for $5M next season which isn't that bad.

14 Jan 2019 14:20:49
They released deng to free up as much cap space as possible so LeBron could come to town and he's here.


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