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12 May 2022 14:07:26
If lakers keep Westbrook and let him run his contract out how much capp lakers will have in 2023 offseason?

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13 May 2022 02:36:29
If it's based off of what the salary cap will be this next coming season $72M in cap space. It might be $74M in 2023. This all depends if Lebron James signs an extension this summer. If he does then the Lakers will on have $24M in cap space in 2023.

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01 May 2022 11:48:01
The face of the Lakers has successfully transitioned from one star to another. What young star in today's game could be the succesor to James if he leaves?

1) Anthony Edwards:
2) Ja Morant
3)Zion Williamson
4) B Ingram
5) Trea Young
6) Luka Doncic
7) Lamelo Ball
8) somebody else
9) None

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02 May 2022 03:02:26
Right away well nobody cause the Lakers have no assets other than a 2027 and 2029 first round pick to get any of them. Those players are under team control for around 6 to 7 years each. Lakers will need to go year by year and view each free agent class and figure out who fits the team best. Also they must draft well when they are eligible for a pick instead of giving it away in trades.

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16 Apr 2022 16:45:14
If lakers can't trade Westbrook I'll say he stay 1 more year and we should have cap space him LeBron are free agents in 2023 they resign LeBron and better role players

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09 Apr 2022 03:42:28
“Russell Westbrook never respected Frank [Vogel] from Day 1,” said one Lakers staff member with knowledge of the situation. “The moment Frank said anybody who gets the rebound can bring it up the court, which is just how the NBA is played these days, Russ was like, ‘Naw, I’m the point guard. Give the ball to me. Everybody run.  Frank was like, ‘No, we have Talen [Horton-Tucker) ] We have Austin [Reaves]. We have Malik. We have LeBron. We have AD. They can all bring the ball up. ’ He was like, ‘Nope, I’m the point guard. Give me that s—. Everybody get out the way. ’ “From that point on, in training camp, it was a wrap, ‘cause now Russ is a fish out of water. He doesn’t know what to do. That’s how that started. ”.

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21 Mar 2022 20:59:21
Malik Monk Opens Up On Lakers Team Dynamics: "Older Guys Yelling At The Rookies Because It's Their Fault. Everything They Do, It's Our Fault Out There Because They Know Everything And You Don't And When You Mess Up, You Just Got To Take It. "

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20 Mar 2022 20:55:38
I just want to make sure I understand this correctly. If the Lakers end up in the 10th seed, then they have to win 2 consecutive games against 9th seed and 2 consecutive games against loser of 7th and 8th seed to get into the playoffs as the 8th seed?

Anyone know how many 4-game winning streaks the Lakers had all season?

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21 Mar 2022 16:53:35
Here is how it works. The 7th and 8th seeds and The 9th and 10th seed each play a 1 game playoff. The winner of the 7th/ 8th seed gets the 7th seed. The loser of that game plays the winner of the 9th and 10th seed for the final 8th seed. The loser of the 9th and 10th seed game is out. Now in order for the 9th or 10th seed to get the 8th seed they must win 2 consecutive games against the loser of the 7th/ 8th seed game.

The Lakers had only 1 stretch they won 4 in a row and another stretch they won 3 in a row.

Predictions at this point the Lakers will either get 10th seed and probably win the one game but then lose. The other possibility is that they miss the play in all together and I say the Spurs take the 10th spot. This Lakers team defense stinks and the Lakers has very little hope.

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16 Mar 2022 07:21:48
What teams are possible destinations for LBJ and Lilliard?

I can see LBJ go to a contender like Phoenix (playing with CP3), Golden state or the Nets.

I don't see a team that has enough assets to make Portland happy and that can content for a title. Maybe the Lakers can swap A Davis or the knicks could be prepared to give up their young players and assets.

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17 Mar 2022 20:02:03
There is 2 ways to approach this. Reality and hypothetically. Reality is he is under contract for $44.4M next season. Teams are not going to want to give up assets for a 1 year rental of Lebron James. They will want a commitment of say 2 additional seasons which would brings him to his 22nd year. Big 3's don't work all the time and for a team like say the Suns, Nets or Warriors they would have to give up a piece in order to get him. That's not happening. There is an outside chance of him leaving for say a team like the Cavaliers where he would go home again but I find it hard to believe management or ownership wanting to deal with him again. He should just end his career with the Lakers. Lakers are not going to take on long term contracts.

Now hypothetically speaking just to talk if the Suns were to give up Devin Booker and say Jae Crowder sure that should be considered. If the Warriors put say Klay Thompson on the table along with Moody or Kuminga that might be enough to get a trade done. Nets really don't have anybody that would make sense for the Lakers in a trade for Lebron other than Durant but he will be untouchable. Irving is great but I don't see him getting dealt in a deal like that either. Simmons well he is represented by the same agent as Lebron. That's not going to work. Earlier I read someone bring up the Heat putting a package together which would make sense for the Lakers but doubt the Heat do it.

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02 Mar 2022 21:19:42
After an incredibly disappointing season thus far, the Los Angeles Lakers and Westbrook reportedly have “mutual interest” in parting ways this offseason.

Guess Westbrook is opting in.

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