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13 Jun 2019 03:01:57
Lakers get Davis
***Get their guy. Davis also gets what he wants. And they aren't too terribly stripped. Can fill out the roster and be a contender out West.

Pelicans get Adams, Ingram, Lakers 1st (#4), Phoenix 1st (#7)
***Adams could be an all-star as could Ingram. They add the number 4 and number 6 pick. I think this is a solid return.

Suns get Ball, Hart
***Ball could be a solid fit next to a scorer like Booker. Hart is also a good young player who could be a good fit here. Desperately in need of a point guard. Roll the dice in the draft or take Ball? I like the fit here.

Thunder get Jackson, 2 Pelicans 2nds
***Desperate to shed salary, the Thunder dump Adams (which will hurt) in exchange for a reclamation project.

Take Grant Williams (21), Admiral Schofield (39), and Jordan Bone (57) in the draft. Then deal Schröder and Roberson to Magic for Fournier and Augustin. Flip Patterson (opt in) for Dwight Howard. Resign Noel to Mid-level. Sign Frank Kaminsky to a prove it deal. Cut Nader. Let Felton, Morris walk.

Thunder roster:

Russ, Augustin, Bone
Fournier, Ferguson, Diallo
George, Jackson, Burton
Grant, Williams, Schofield
Noel, Kaminsky, Howard




15 Nov 2017 23:52:37
So Bleacher Report drops this article today about how the Lakers are going to land multiple superstars in free agency by extending Deng. I feel like they could definitely make that happen. But what if they aimed higher?

OKC is off to a rough start. They also have reported that upper management won't overdo it next summer in terms of going into the luxury tax. If George is to opt out and earn more (which he will), the Thunder can't afford him. If we hit December and OKC still isn't putting things together, why not capitalize on moving George to a team that he's rumored for?

Lakers get Paul George, Kyle Singler, Zach Collins
***Lakers get their guy. They've been after him and he's been after them. They preserve all expiring deals and take on minimal contracts with him.

Blazers get Jordan Clarkson, Alex Abrines, Julius Randle, OKC 2nd, 2 Lakers 1sts
***In this deal, Blazers move CJ. He's a great talent but doesn't necessarily fit next to Lillard. Getting Clarkson isn't a bad get, but getting 3 picks is great. Abrines can spread the foor, and Randle could fit well there.

Thunder get CJ McCollum, Brandon Ingram, Larry Nance Jr.
***Thunder don't get any picks, but they add a great scorer in CJ. They slide Roberson back over to the 3. Ingram can start at the 3 once he develops a little more. Nance is a nice prospect.

Lakers can still extend and stretch Deng. They still have big expiring contracts. They can actually build around their free agents. More than that, though, they can already have George there to use in talks with free agents next summer.

Thoughts? How far off am I?


1.) 16 Nov 2017 13:54:49
probably best to keep all that talent and just sign him in FA.

2.) 16 Nov 2017 19:11:32
Ingram is playing well for a second year player. He’s on par to be a really good player, giving him up for FA in 2018 in PG13 isn’t ideal when they could potentially pair up next year.
PG: Ball

Those two on defensive switches and rotations will be a problem on the perimeter. The potential of them together vs weakening the Lakers for a FA next year doesn’t make sense to me.



11 Feb 2015 02:54:08
Thunder get Julius Randle, Shane Larkin, Wesley Johnson
***Thunder can afford to wait for Randle as he practically redshirts this year with Ibaka, McGary, and Collison. But Randle could be a great asset moving forward for depth purposes, and he's loaded with potential. Larkin could be a solid backup point option, and he is solid defensively and has a nose for the ball. Johnson has been more or less a bust since he entered the league but gives the Thunder a legitimate 3 behind Durant.

Lakers get Jose Calderon, Tim Hardaway Jr, Jason Smith, Ish Smith, 2016 first round pick via Knicks
***Lakers pick up a point who can start and be a mentor for Clarkson. THJ can be a solid option both this season and next on the wing, while Smith and Smith are both expiring deals. They also bring in a (potentially) incredibly valuable Knicks pick. The pick could either be in the twenty's or in the top 10. This is a big risk, but it could pay dividends if the Knicks fail to rebuild the roster around Melo or have to ship him out for assets sometime next season.

Knicks get Steve Nash, Reggie Jackson, Jeremy Lamb, Ryan Kelly
***Knicks make a big gamble. They lose a first rounder betting on themselves this offseason. By making this deal, they get 3 things: bird rights to incumbent RFA Jackson whom they covet, anther big expiring deal in Nash, and 2 cheap potential role players. Knicks do this deal essentially if they believe themselves to be offseason winners and contenders for the next several seasons. Obtaining and signing Jackson plus getting another expiring deal should be a nice start to rebuilding around Melo.


1.) Paying calderon 16 million next to seasons not worth it randle for scrums? lol

2.) My previous post got a lot of mix feedbacks, probably because I didn't explain my idea thoroughly. Here is the comple analysis

la biggest weaknesses:
1) no interior defense/lack of size
2) little to no athleticism
3) inconsistent shot creators (excluding kobe)

other than kobe (who is a shell of himself) we are terrible in every position. we ave players that don't live up to their contracts or just don't fit the team needs

team negotiations:
trade young for expiring contracts - inconsistent player. is more concerned about image than game. doesn't show value for money.

decline hill - doesn't live up to contract (9m). only sign if he will take less (5-6m)

sign ellington (2-3m) n davis (4-5) - remind me of meeks and hill last season. ell is a good spot-up shooter, davis does what hill does but is more athletic and better defender. if can't sign davis then get black

everyone else can go (except kobe). clarkson, randle and kelly can stay. but if offers come up then they're up for sale too

off season signings

draft - whoever is best available. okafor is defo off boards unless we get no1 draft. don't draft a pg with 1st pick because its the easiest position to draft. should draft 1) johnson 2) russell 3) towns/turner with 1st pk. draft pg/sg (rosier, taylor, grant etc. ) with 2nd 1st pk. draft for size with 2nd round pk (dakari, upshaw)

dragic (8-12m) - doesn't need no intro. last yr all nba 3rd team. 50% shooter from floor. alternatives - reggie/knight

greg monroe (8-12m) - reminds me of a blk pau gasol. would need to improve a rim protector next to him. alternative - 1) vucevic 2) kanter (both are restricted agents)

*just found out vucevic has signed an 4/5yr extension*

jimmy bulter (10m+) - this kids convinced me this year that he is the real deal. derrick rose is holding him bk. great athlete, great defense, draws fouls, nice all-round game.

my reason behind this is that if the bulls were 100% willing to give him the max, they could of done that before the new year and it would of actually worked out cheaper for them. However, the bulls are being stinging with there money since they just forked out a shed loads on d. rose and now it looks like money gone down the drain. They don't wanna make the same mistake twice.

alternative - tobias harris/ wilson chandler (if nuggets decline team option)

gerald green (4-6m) - only if young is traded. offers everything nick does with extra hops.

vet minimum - 1) nate robinson - energy bunny n fan fav 2) okafor - veteran exp with def ability

**ideal squad**

pg - dragic (10m), clarkson (1m), robinson (min. )
sg - kobe (25m), grant (3-27 pk) (1m), ellington (2-3m)
sf - butler (12m), s. johnson (4th pk) (3m), green (4-6m)
pf - davis (4.5m), randle (3m), kelly (1.7m)
c - monroe (10m), okafor/black (min. ), upshaw (2nd rd pk (1m)

this squad gives a balance of youth, experience, athleticism but most importantly defense. then you have a reserve 5 of clarkson, nate, young/green, randle and okafor/black w/ s. johnson upshaw and grant in the piplines.

**most realistic squad**

the squad before was my most ideal but this is the squad believe lakers will end up with

pg - clarkson, russell,
sg - kobe, ellington
sf - wesley johnson, young
pf - randle, boozer, kelly
c - ed davis, sacre, black

as you can see the only addition the squad was russell, because there is hype around him being a exciting scorer, scoring equals more fans and fans equals more money. The buss family don't care about winning because Dr. Buss had already established that. Now he's gone and because of the rule changes, they are just trying to rake in as much before they sell up.

Everybody knows defense wins championship. I can find a scorer (russell) a day of the week but to find someone who stops the oppositions is hard to find (johnson). russell is 6'5 180lbs getting moved by college players, johnson is 6'7 240lbs moving centers - I know who I would pick.

** ideal meets realistic squad**

pg - dragic (max), clarkson, robinson (min. )
sg - kobe, grant (3-27 pk) (1m), ellington (2-3m)
sf - s. johnson (4th pk) young (4-6m) w. johnson
pf - davis (4.5m), randle (3m), kelly (1.7m)
c - monroe (max), black (min. ) sacre (min)

this squad gives a mixture of still being competitive whilst not going over the cap buy having a load of rookie contracts and vet. mins but hold out to get durant.

personally I would be tryna to get westbrook and cousins. people give them a bad rap but they top 5 in the league easily. westbrook is the best player on thunder. period



09 Feb 2015 17:48:21
OKC gets Trey Burke, Ed Davis, Ronnie Price
***Get a young point early in his rookie deal. Burke is taking up minutes from Exum and Burks (who has just been extended). Burke is the odd man out but could be excellent in OKC. Adams just went down with a hand fracture so Ed Davis could make sense on a sensible contract for a couple years.

Jazz get Julius Randle, Jeremy Lamb, Ryan Kelly, and Ish Smith
***Kanter is about to be a FA so adding a high-potential rookie big could be a nice swap (similar idea for a Jackson-Burke swap). They also pick up Lamb and Kelly who could help spread the floor for their stable of bigs. Smith can be their backup point for now and is a FA after this year.

Lakers get Enes Kanter, Reggie Jackson, Ian Clark
***All three guys are free agents after this season which goes with the Lakers direction of reloading this summer. But, two of these guys are far from being purely expiring deals. Kanter and Jackson could be building blocks to go with their offseason pickups. Plus, Kanter and Jackson will be RFA and can be retained by matching offer sheets. Additionally, this makes them more attractive to free agents as opposed to their current roster.


1.) Idk why la would trade randle for two free agents makes lil sense la can get them free agents in free angecy randle is lakers building block

2.) You don't trade Randle for rentals. Are you insane?



07 Feb 2015 15:44:13
OKC gets Marcus Smart, Ed Davis

BOS gets Steve Nash, Joel Embiid, Andrei Kirilenko, Jeremy Lamb

LA gets Gerald Wallace, Reggie Jackson (s&t), Kelly Olynyk

PHI gets Avery Bradley and Julius Randle

Thunder get a point on his rookie deal who can grow with the team and a big who can be a solid role player and provide depth in the playoffs. The power forward position is the weak spot on the Thunder that no one talks about. Collison is valuable in the locker room, but the platoon of him and two prospects leaves a lot to be desired.

Boston gets two high potential guys and two expiring deals which will give them just under $40 million in cap relief this summer (look for them to reload in the offseason). They aren't going anywhere this season and maybe next. They will, however, be a hot free agent spot with their picks, Embiid, cap room, etc.

Lakers get a point that can provide a splash this season, but take some of the scoring duties from Kobe and perhaps help elongate his career a couple more years. They also get a guy in Olynyk who has proven to have high energy and tenacity. Wallace has only one extra year on his contract and could be a valuable chip next season.

Sixers make out like bandits. Embiid isn't playing this season, but he doesn't look to be a long-term fit in Philly especially next to Noel. Randle could be tho. Plus, getting a guy in Bradley under contract could be a major score for a young team that could lose the rookie McDaniels this summer.


1.) Stupid trade




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