01 Jan 2023 18:20:18
Lakers Mavs

Lakers get Woods, Hardaway and 2 first round picks

Mavs get Davis and Beverly.

Mavs take a chance with davis for a playoff run and Luka gets some much needed help

Where the lakers get younger AD guys who aren't injured all the time and a good role player in Hardaway and a young big who clearly needs a bigger role.

1.) 01 Jan 2023
01 Jan 2023 22:42:33
Lakers are not trading AD. If there were hypothetically speaking the compensation the Lakers will be asking for would be very high. Mavericks don't have that compensation. Try 1 allstar leveled player, 1 or 2 young prospects who are starter quality, 1 cap filler, and 3 to 4 first round picks.