05 Sep 2021 10:25:25
Sixers trade Simmons to Twolves
Lakers trade Gasol to Twolves
Twolves trade Beverley, Beasley, McDaniels and 4 1st rd picks

Lakers trade a 2nd rd pick to Philly for a protected(top 55) 2nd rd pick

Let's see if GM Morey will reject 4 1st rd picks(and add some swap of 1st picks if Morey still hesitant)..
Beverley reunited with Coach Rivers..
Gasol finds new home and guide/teach Towns..
Simmons, Russell, Edwards and TOWNS will surely be one of the top teams in WEST..

1.) 05 Sep 2021
05 Sep 2021 20:55:17
Morey already rejected a deal with the Wolves which involved Russell and Beasley. He is asking for an allstar quality player in return. I don't see him getting that deal unless Simmons can show he has worked on his game. He asked for Klay Thompson when the Warriors called so as you can see this may take time.