19 Dec 2020 23:01:58
los angeles clippers recieve james hardin tyson chandler k martin jr

houston recieves k leonard zubacs 2022 2 and rd pick

1.) 26 Dec 2020
26 Dec 2020 11:46:50
k. leonard anounced he is testing free agency so he will leave for nothing after trading way more for george than he was worth.

2.) 26 Dec 2020
26 Dec 2020 14:15:18
I don't agree with you about Leonard leaving. He can't sign a new contract right now under the CBA rules so he must wait anyway. There are only 4 teams that can sign him outright to a max contract next off season Chicago, New York, OKC, and San Antonio. Unless he is willing to take a significant paycut he will opt out and resign for 3 to 4 years max deal with the Clippers.