17 Nov 2020 05:13:55
lakers got shroeder rondo is gone howard is gone kcp is gone
bradley will sign m morris and galinari wesley mathews jae crowder m mooris sr m harrell and yes jordan clarkson will sign along with mcgee and cousins

bradley / curruso /w mathews
lebron / schroeder/ clarkson
galinari /crowder
a, davis /morris / morris
mcgee /m harrell / cousins

1.) 18 Nov 2020
18 Nov 2020 07:14:36
there is a outside chance there do a sign and trade with kcp kuzma and mcgee for zach lavine and howard resigns for another ring

zach lavine / mathews/
lebron / schroader curruso
galinari / jae crowder/ cacock
A davis / m morris / antekoupooo
m harrell / howard / cousins.