02 Sep 2019 14:11:30
OKC LAL if Howard isn't doing well.

OKC get Howard and Kuzma
LAL get Noel, Muscala, 2020 DEN 1st and 2023 MIA 1st

Noel does have a no trade clause but i'm sure he would accept a trade to a winning team that he would prob get more minutes on vs coming off the bench behind Adams getting 14 min on a losing team.

OKC downgrade their back up C swap Noel for Howard. Noel is younger, played better, and stayed healthier than Howard last year. They bring in Kuzma to pair with SGA as future building blocks. They give up 2 1sts because Kuzma is still on a cheap rookie deal and has good potential. He is also locked up the longest contract wise out of the players involved.

LAL upgrade their C situation if Howard isn't working out which i doubt he does. have Mcgee and Noel at C. They get Muscala to be back up PF he can knock down the 3 which LAL need good catch and shoot shooters. They get a 1st or 2 out of it which they could use some more 1sts after the Davis trade.

1.) 03 Sep 2019
03 Sep 2019 21:37:52
Kyle Kuzma has much higher value that what your wanting the OKC Thunder to give up. Also if Howard doesn't work out then the Lakers waive him.