25 Jun 2019 05:44:21
Everyone in the league is saying Minnesota is showing confidence in being able to clear space and sign DLo. But it seems ridiculously expensive for them to get off Wiggins or Dieng’s deal. Maybe this is the deal instead.

Wolves send Jeff Teague and Josh Okogie
Lakers send Mo Wagner

This uses the Lakers cap space, but with the amount of cap space across the league there’s no way the Lakers are getting a star for 23 million, and I think getting Teague at 19 is better value than Beverly at 15 PLUS this deal gets you Okogie. That’s a whole back court. Plus the Lakers would have a couple million leftover to find another competent guy, and the 4mil exception, then your up to 7 guys before you start going through the minimums. Teague fits well with the team as a guy who’s comfortable as the lead guard and a starter quality spacer. Okogie has elite defense potential and can shoot the 3.

1.) 25 Jun 2019
25 Jun 2019 15:24:40
That deal can work for the Lakers. Short term deal of Teague. Once max free agents decide what they want to do then you will have teams like the Knicks, Clippers, Celtics and even possibility the Nets if they have extra cap space then they can take on a Wiggins contract.