12 May 2019 14:07:27
I know this wouldn't happen but how crazy of a thought or far off is it?

LAL get Westbrook
OKC get James

OKC needs a change and needs to move on from Russ likely won't happen though. I know James is on the decline but you make George the main guy take a lil bit off of james who clearly can't be the main guy anymore just doesn't have the energy. and george and or Roberson if he comes back healthy and back to his old self can hide James on the defensive end taking the teams top or top 2 offensive players.

LAL aren't a huge FA destination right now no one wants to play with James. I know a lot of players might not want to play with Russ but for the Lakers organization it wouldn't be as embarrasing if you couldn't build a winner around James vs not building one around Russ. And no longer having james will take a lil bif of preassure off of them. They could make trades and free agent signings and put a bunch of shooters around Russ which in OKC is something he has never really had, and see how that works for them.

Im not saying this is a great idea but it could help in some aspects and it could help both teams. will they get a better offer for James he is clearly on the decline and has a huge contract i know he is still a great player but he isn't the same James he used to be? Let me know what u think.

1.) 12 May 2019
12 May 2019 15:39:25
I wouldn't even think about that deal. Lebron is better than Russell
Westbrook. Lakers have Lonzo Ball already so the Lakers would have to trade Ball. We will see who the Lakers come up with. The answer may surprise all of us. One day everybody is coming, next day nobody is, then the next day a certain player is coming. I just can't wait to July 1st to come and go. Surround Lebron James with shooters and you have a problem solved.