04 Apr 2019 18:34:23
Here's a crazy proposal.
If Knick's win lottery and Lakers are willing to trade Lebron.
And yes I am a Lakers fan .

Knicks trade 2019 1st , 2021 Dallas 1st , Frank , and Trier.
For Lebron

Lakers then trade there 19 1st , 21 1st , Frank , Hart and Kuzma
Bradly Beal

1.) 05 Apr 2019
05 Apr 2019 18:09:44
Lakers aren't trading Lebron James. Also your trade makes the Lakers even worse. You want to trade the 2019 1st round pick, Hart, and Kuzma for Beal with no other star player on the Lakers if you trade Lebron James? How did the Wizards do this season without Wall?