13 Aug 2018 17:26:12

Houston gets Snell
Lakers get Henson, Dellavedova
Bucks get Anderson, Deng, HOU 1st 2019, LAL 1st 2019

Why Rockets? They get a 3 and D wing needed for their rotation. They also save 10 mil, which is valuable as they are deep in the tax now.

Why Lakers? They get two players that can contribute with Deng's money at the cost of a first. They still keep space to sign a max player like Kawhi and avoid streching Deng, which won't give them either way a second max spot.

Bucks get two late 1sts from their three bad contracts. They don't take more money back considering Snell's third year. Should they resign Middleton and Brogdon next year they won't have money for FA, so these picks will be really usefull to them.

1.) 13 Aug 2018
13 Aug 2018 19:28:36
I think you are misunderstanding what needs to be done and aren't reading what people are saying about Deng. For the Lakers to get space to sign Leonard as a free agent they either need to trade Deng and get nothing in return or a very little salary contract next offseason or they must stretch him. Henson and Dellavedova are owed $20M total for the following season in 19-20. So they will be out of the running for a max free agent if your trade went through. You got to remember the max salary slot is $30M-$35M. With the young core contracts being picked up the salary will be at $81M in 19-20 season.