02 Aug 2018 03:33:49
3 team trade LAL-MIN-DET

LA receives: Karl Anthony Towns, Taj Gibson, Ish Smith

MIN receives: Andre Drummond, LA '19 1st + 2nd rd picks

DET receives: Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Luol Deng

Lakers shed Deng's contract to clear room for a max free agent next summer (Kawhi). Plus get their center of the future.

Detroit gets young core to put around Blake and kickstart their rebuild.

Min replaces KAT w/All star center + draft picks.

1.) 03 Aug 2018
03 Aug 2018 08:09:07
If it goes though I like it.

2.) 03 Aug 2018
03 Aug 2018 19:41:17
Karl Anthony Towns is due a contract extension of 5 years $149M. If he waits this season out and makes the All NBA Team he will be eligible to receive an 5 year $179M extension. The only reason why the Wolves might part with him is because Jimmy Butler doesn't think he will win with KAT and you can't pay Butler, KAT and Wiggins max so somebody has to go. If the Lakers trade for KAT they are out of the running for other stars. I would pass on this deal. KAT will not get the Lakers in the finals or win it. Ball and Ingram will still be on rookie deals. Yes they dump Deng but have no more room to do anything.

3.) 04 Aug 2018
03 Aug 2018 23:14:30
By trading for Towns you obtain his bird rights. Trading away Ball, Ingram, Deng gives the Lakers over $60M+ in cap space next summer. More than enough to sign a max free agent, especially when you consider the Lakers can go over the cap to extend Towns. If Towns doesn't accept an extension from the Lakers even better, (more $$ to fill out the roster) he becomes a Restricted Free Agent and has to accept the qualifying offer. Also, it guarantees the Lakers the right to match any offer he accepts with another team, which will not be more than 25% of the Cap. That's 2 years with the Lakers MINIMUM. If he made it all the way to unrestricted free agency w/ o an extension, the Lakers would STILL be able to offer him the most money + a 5th year.

4.) 04 Aug 2018
04 Aug 2018 03:12:33
I know by trading for Towns you gain his Bird rights however if the Lakers were to trade for Towns an extension would be in place. That extension would start at $29M next offseason. $46M + $29M total $75M if your trade happened. Not enough for a third max free agent. It would be more wise to use that money on Kevin Durant and then fill the roster out with veterans on 1 year deals. Lakers would still have Ingram, Ball, Kuzma, and Hart under rookie deals. Just makes more sense.

Lakers aren't trading the young core anything. GM Lebron made it known.

5.) 04 Aug 2018
04 Aug 2018 11:43:44
The Lakers don't have to extend Towns right away. Worst case scenario, they have him under contract for $7.8M this year and slap a $10M qualifying offer on him next year. If the Lakers were successful with this trade, they'd create $62.5M in cap space for next summer. Or in other words, if they extended Towns at the number you've mentioned ($29M) they would STILL have $33.5M remaining in cap space to sign a max FA (Kawhi's cap number would be $32.7M) . If the Lakers feel confident Durant can be had, they allow Towns to become a RFA, max Durant ($38M) and STILL have $14M+ in cap room. Or they could trade Towns, recoup picks/ assets, then pursue 2 MAX free agents like Kawhi, Butler or Klay Thompson. Either way, you get a minimum of 2 years w/ Karl Anthony Towns in his prime + you clear Deng from the books + you gain enough cap space to purse another MAX FA. I'll take that all day, er day over Ball + Ingram.