20 Jun 2018 23:46:18
Hornets get ball, dudley and deng plus 20 first from Lakers and second round pick Suns

Suns get batum

Lakers get Walker.

Lakers free 13 mil so have 75 mil if they announce all free agents. plus have an all star PG in Walker, Ingram, kuzma, Hart,zubak, Bryant, AND ennis. Sign James 28, George 28 with 19 left for cousins or Jordan. Will reddick take 8.5 mle to compete I think so
With Ingram and kuzma would be strong bench.

1.) 21 Jun 2018
21 Jun 2018 06:39:27
lakers just added a pick this year so trading their first this year is probably going to happen.

2.) 21 Jun 2018
21 Jun 2018 14:34:21
Salaries have to match for the Hornets cause they are over the cap. Hornets are looking to salary dump. I don't see the Suns taking Batum's contract without prospect compensation. There could be a trade partner between the Suns and Hornets if the Hornets are willing to compensate them with picks + Walker.