11 Jun 2018 13:25:10
Latest buzz around the NBA is that Lakers will get Lebron James, Chris Paul and Paul George this summmer. Lakers summer could potentially look like this if so:

Lakers trade Lonzo Ball and Luol Deng to Atlanta for Dedmon and pick #19

Lakers sign:
- Chris Paul - 5yrs/Max
- Paul George - 5yrs/Max
- Lebron James - 2yrs/50M

Lebron does a 1 and 1 deal like Durant and gets a max contract next year.

Lakers pick:
- Khyri Thomas (#19)
- Mitchel Robinson (#25)

Lakers then fill out the bench with minimum contracts:
- Marco Belinelli - 1 yr/Min
- Channing Frye - 1yr/Min
- Devin Harris - 1yr/Min
- Montrez Harrell - 1yr Min


1.) 12 Jun 2018
11 Jun 2018 23:34:48
What the Lakers probably will do which Chris Broussard said this morning is the Lakers will sign Lebron James and Chris Paul as free agents. Then do a sign and trade with the Thunder for Paul George. Brandon Ingram will probably have to be apart of that deal in a sign and trade. He also brought up Randle being apart of it which Randle would get his money. Paul George would then get a 5 year deal that way. Deng would then be stretched.