03 May 2018 08:16:37
If Leonard say he will only play with the Lakers so no other will trade for him. Deng ball and Ingram plus 2 first for Leonard.

Lakers will have about 73 MIL in cap. Sign James and George 30 each. Then rest for Bradley. Use 3 Mil of mle on Noel the other 5 something back up pg Evans will be awesome.

1.) 04 May 2018
03 May 2018 23:50:11
Your trade will not work salary cap wise for the Spurs. Leonard makes $20M. Deng, Ball and Ingram combine make $31.3. Spurs are at $98M. Salary have to match for the Spurs. Lakers no though.

For a Leonard trade to work the Lakers send possible of 3 packages. 1) Deng, Kuzma and a first round pick for Leonard. or 2) Deng, Ingram and first round pick for Leonard and a couple fill in players or 3) Which is probably what the Spurs will want Ingram, Kuzma and a pick. Lakers take on $13M towards the cap then Lakers stretch Deng to make room for the 2 other Max guys.

Lebron James starting salary will be $35M. So the Lakers can't add Bradley unless he takes the MLE which he won't which is why it's important to keep Lonzo Ball anyway. I mean James and George will want Lonzo Ball on the roster.