15 Mar 2018 07:41:50
-I. Thomas - 48mil/4 years
-J. Randle - 10mil/4 years
-A. Caruso - minimum
-T. Wear - minimum
-W. Johnson - minimum
Let Go
-B. Lopez
-K. Caldwell-Pope
-P. George
-L.Ball, T. Bryant and 2018 picks(2nd round) for E.Payton and T. Chandler

Line Up
PG: Payton/Thomas/Caruso
SG: George/Hart
SF: Ingram/Johnson/Wear
PF: Randle/Kuzma
C: Chandler/Zubac

-Signing Lebron would be a mistake just like signing Kobe past his prime.
-You already have Thomas and George for all stars

1.) 15 Mar 2018
15 Mar 2018 15:42:56
Randle 4 years $10M? lol that would be the biggest steal in awhile. To give you an idea Randle can get a contract in the range of $15M-$24M a year.

2.) 16 Mar 2018
15 Mar 2018 22:33:01
citydude? its all about sacrifice if the lakers can sign george and thomas i think randle can lower his pride max deal the lakers can give would 48mil/ 4 years while thomas can get 56mil/ 4 years IF YOU WANT THE LAKERS TO BRING BACK DYNASTY THEN PLAYERS SHOULD COOPERATE. now a days players want more money than winning. primary focus as of next season is to get to the PLAYOFFS so signing george and resigning thomas and adjusting randles salary is the best way the lakers can reach that goal.

3.) 16 Mar 2018
16 Mar 2018 01:54:49
If Randle was going for his 3rd contract yes he would sacrifice. This would be his 2nd contract so he will be getting paid. Dallas Mavericks will make a strong push for him. This is a business so when you say players should cooperate that's kind of a nonsense statement. He will probably get what Deng got which is 4 years $72M. $18M a year. The big issue is if Randle will hold off negotiations with other teams and wait for the Lakers to land Paul George. If Randle shows the Lakers an offer sheet before Paul George has a commitment then the Lakers losing Randle is a big possibility.

Now if the Lakers sign George at the max they can resign Randle and Thomas but that will be the team going forward. No other max free agent. So when you say bring back the dynasty well you are banking on Randle being an allstar which remains to be seen.