25 Jan 2018 06:44:19
*DEN pushing to trade E.Mudiay according to reports.

*LAL also seems likely trading J.Randle if there are good offers for him.

*MIN S.Muhammad changed manager and might look to be traded since he's not having any minutes in the court.

trade: S.Muhammad and T.Jones
receive: E.Mudiay

trade: E.Mudiay and T.Lydon
receive: J.Randle and T.Jones

trade: J.Randle
receive: S.Muhammad, T.Lydon and MIN 2018 2nd round pick.

1.) 25 Jan 2018
25 Jan 2018 17:44:42
I rather have Randle for the rest of the season with the option to sign him then take another guard in Mudiay or that Wolves deal. Lakers are already stacked at guard.

2.) 02 Feb 2018
02 Feb 2018 22:10:25
So Dever have Jokic Milsap Plumlee and Randle, don’t think so.