24 Jan 2018 16:56:05
What about trading for Giannis? BI,Deng,Zubac and picks.

Also Trading for Kawhi?
JC,JR,Hart and Ennis?

Nance/T Bryant

Is it possible? What do you guys think?

1.) 25 Jan 2018
25 Jan 2018 02:35:32
Giannis is under contract for another 3 years so the Bucks aren't going to trade him anytime soon. Kawhi is a free agent after next season and there might be a chance if he states he wants out of San Antonio but I highly doubt it.

2.) 25 Jan 2018
25 Jan 2018 02:48:30
100% going to happen.

3.) 25 Jan 2018
25 Jan 2018 11:33:07
Popovich will not accept a player with bad attitude.