07 Jan 2018 02:47:42
How I would approach the drafts in the past LA has done (assuming they keep the pick each year)

-2014, pick 7 (Zach LaVine), pick 47 (same)

-2015, pick 2 (Kristaps Porzingis), pick 27 & pick 34 - trade up with POR for pick 23 (Hollis-Jefferson)

-2016, pick 2 (Brandon Ingram), pick 32 (same)
**Demarcus Cousins was offered for Ingram this season, late in the season. Lakers should pull the trigger BUT rest Cousins (tank) for he rest of the season to ensure they keep the pick the following year.

-2017, pick 2 (Lonzo Ball), pick 27 (same), pick 30 (Jordan Bell), pick 42 (Dillon Brooks)

PG: Ball/
SG: LaVine/Clarkson
SF: Hollis-Jefferson/Brooks
PF: Porzingis/Bell
C: Cousins/Zubac

This team would be a 3 or 4 seed right now without LaVine healthy.

1.) 07 Jan 2018
07 Jan 2018 04:17:13
Horrible idea, and definitely not a top 5 seed.

2.) 07 Jan 2018
07 Jan 2018 19:06:50
Lakersfan- So if the Lakers had Porzingis and Cousins you wouldn't think this team wouldn't be a 5th seed? How about a 6th? Nuggets, Blazers and Pelicans aren't exactly playing very good basketball right now. Have to say though to GM that I am satisfied with the Randle pick in 2014. He should've gone higher.