27 Dec 2017 19:50:56
June 30th Trade


PHX get: Jordan Clarkson and Andrew Bogut (exp)

pg. Clarkson
sg. Booker
sf. Jackson
pf. Bender
c. Len

LAL get: Greg Monroe (exp) and 2019 2nd DP

pg. Ball
sg. KCP
sf. Ingram
pf. Randle
c. Lopez

1.) 27 Dec 2017
27 Dec 2017 22:25:28
if all we get for Clarkson is a second then I pass.

2.) 28 Dec 2017
28 Dec 2017 16:17:36
No one is going to want Bogut unless it’s a team shedding cap. Bogus contract is non guaranteed, Lakers can just waive him. Phoenix has a PF problem, Clarkson won’t help.