27 Dec 2017 16:17:45
Mavs miss the last piece to win. Go for 1st draft pick and take a 7 footer that can shoot and sign K.Thompson at max > 30m what he cannot get in GS if Durant takes it.

- (Suns can dangle something in addition to get Clarkson as well)

Dirk can trail Bender the next 18 month. A good center a Smith Jr. are a good young baseline. Barnes and Thompson are good scorers, Curry can be the next Terry.

Sign K.Thompson for max 30+ Mio.

Center, Kleber
Bender, Dirk
Barnes, Finney
Thompson, Curry
Smith, Ferrel ... having Barea, Harris, maybe Wes, Mejri from the bench ...

1.) 27 Dec 2017
27 Dec 2017 22:34:12
Last I heard Noel is out after having surgery. Why would be trade Randle for nothing. I would trade him for Bender, Len, Chriss or Jackson.

2.) 28 Dec 2017
28 Dec 2017 16:19:11
Another note with Noel, his heart isn’t in the game. It’s been rumored by Dallas beat writers that Noel isn’t conditioned or plays hard enough. Why do the Lakers need Noel?

3.) 28 Dec 2017
28 Dec 2017 17:01:09
GM you need to asked that question to the Lakers front office. That rumor reached ABC on Christmas day.