13 Nov 2017 09:14:35
I'm trying to make a Deng trade.

Philly: Ingram+Daniels

Suns: L Ball+ Deng

LA: Okafor+ 1rnd pick LA /or 1rnd pick Philly or Sac 2019+ 1rnd pick bucks 2018

Phoenix receive a PG with potential that fits the system. (And there's less pressure than in LA)

Philly get a young wingman

And LA get capspace and draft picks. They could sign LBJ, P george and D cousins. And they have the assets (draft picks) to trade for some good roll players. And they can start a rebuilt with the draft picks if they fail to land free agents.

1.) 13 Nov 2017
13 Nov 2017 19:58:11
With Ball and Ingram gone why would anyone sign with the Lakers? Everybody is so quick to trade everyone with no guarantees that we sign a key free agent.

Why would George and James leave a contending team for LA? Cousins finally has a teammate that makes his job easier. Why would he leave?

2.) 14 Nov 2017
13 Nov 2017 22:22:31
Gasupo- Stop thinking too much. Lebron James and Paul George will not come to the Lakers without Ball and Ingram on the roster. That's what the Lakers are going to try to sell. To say oh the Lakers can start rebuilding if they don't land the free agents. My response to that is the Lakers are rebuilding. They can add pieces. If not then its not meant to be. Don't trade Ball and Ingram just to dump Deng when the Lakers can just stretch Deng at the end of the Deng.

Toolguy- When you say "Everybody is so quick to trade everyone with no guarantees that we sign a key free agent. " That is 100% true but of course its a select few. Unfortunately for Lakers fans we will keep reading dumb trade ideas until next summer.

3.) 15 Nov 2017
15 Nov 2017 01:15:27
It will never stop. But your correct it’s is a few versus everybody.