21 Oct 2017 16:51:59
Lakers - Hawks

LAKERS receive:
-Marco Bellineli
-Hawks 1st DP (via Rockets - Rockets will make the pick be late given the potential record)

HAWKS receive:
-Julius Randle, Josh Hart

*incoming shooter in Marco who will fit next to Ball in 3point shooting lineups
*outgoing of low IQ, pout Randle
*Josh Hart is pointless. I'd rather have Clarkson, Vander Blu as backups. Hart is injured all the time and doesn't even play

-Lakers BUYOUT Deng (why? No one wants him or his contract, he's going to start complaining. Just do it and learn from it)

PG: Ball/Ennis/Caruso
SG: KCP/Clarkson/Blue
SF: Ingram/Brewer/Bellineli
PF: Nance/Kuzam/Bryant
C: Lopez/Bogut/Zubac

(3 point)
PG: Ball
SF: Bellineli
PF: Ingram
C: Kuzma

PG: Ball
SF: Ingram
PF: Kuzma
C: Nance

1.) 22 Oct 2017
21 Oct 2017 23:36:30
I know after what came out within the past week the Lakers will probably have to make a deadline decision on Randle but I see a better offer than that.

For the people that don't know Randle is unhappy with not receiving a contract extension and no starting. Viewing what Embiid got that's the starting point which isn't worth bring back Randle at that amount.

With Luol Deng that will probably be what happens in the off season. It will be a stretch contract.

2.) 22 Oct 2017
22 Oct 2017 18:25:17
The thing about Randle that makes me laugh is that he thinks he is entitled to all of this. He’s not entitled to an ext. or to start. Embiid’s talent is top notch and if he’s healthy he’s a phenomenal center with a lot of value to the 76ers, but that’s the 76ers. Randle’s (health and all) talent isn’t on par with Embiid. Randle is not a smart player. He’s a bowling ball, no control driving to the basket. He stops ball movement and it’s taken him 3 years to get a jump shot and we don’t even know if it’s consistent yet. Nance has improved each year and plays hard and Kuzma is a great stretch 4 in the making.

Stretching deng would be the best option. No one wants him and he can go join some contender and leave the lakers alone. Jim’s parting gift in Dengs Contract is no fun.