07 Aug 2017 19:01:27
#1. Trade Luol Deng, Jordan Clarkson, and 2020 pick for Dwayne Wade. Bulls get to have a backcourt of LaVine and Clarkson. Wade would be an excellent backup point.

Lonzo /Wade/ Ennis / (Caruso)
Pope/Hart / Blue
ingram/ Kuzma/
Randle/ Nance/
Lopez/ Zubac/ Bryant
Give minutes to Zubac and Bryant. They need miracle growth even with a starting Lopez. With Lakers pursuing LBJ, and PG13 the center position is open.
If Bryant and Zubac can show something this makes us more attractive.

#2. Make the playoffs or 40 wins.

#3. Make Randle UFA. Sign George and LeBron. Sign 36yr wade. If possible sign Lopez, but If Zubac or Bryant showed that they can start, no need to sign Lopez.
Sign some vets for the Locker room like Channing Frye and Bellineli.
Line up:
Lonzo/ Wade/ Ennis
Ingram/ Hart/ Blue
George/ Kuzma/ Bellineli
LeBron/ Nance jr/ Frye.
Bryant/ Zubac

1.) 07 Aug 2017
07 Aug 2017 20:16:27
Only problem is Wade is a SG not a PG. But I would do the deal just to get out from under Deng and Clarkson contracts to have maximum spending power next year.

2.) 07 Aug 2017
07 Aug 2017 22:35:50
Wade has played a lot of Point Guard for the Bulls in the Playoffs.
Being 36, with his leadership it makes a lot of sense to play him at the 1.