05 Aug 2017 16:52:20
Bulls receive: Clarkson, Brewer, Hart

Lakers receive: Wade

Lakers resign Thomas Robinson

Lakers sign Trey Burke

Randle/Nance Jr/Robinson

This clears an extra 20 million in cap space next off season so we would be able to afford 2 max players. This gives the bulls 2 more young assets to help with their rebuild and so they can tank this year and not have Wade helping them win games. Thoughts?

1.) 05 Aug 2017
05 Aug 2017 18:07:43
There was a rumor that the Lakers talked about a trade that sent Clarkson and Deng for Wade and Mirotic. Mirotic would be on a 1 year qualifying offer deal. That deal fell through and the Lakers signed Caldwell-Pope. Caldwell-Pope is going to be the starter. Bulls didn't want to add Deng's salary. They are expecting multiple assets for Wade. Not happening. I know the Lakers are trying to trade Clarkson for cap relief but I don't see anything happening til either the deadline or in June before the draft.

2.) 05 Aug 2017
05 Aug 2017 18:29:37
I think Clarkson Brewer Hart is much more appealing to the Bulls than Clarkson and Deng. Right? KCP would be an amazing 6th man.