01 Aug 2017 00:24:12
Looks like as I stated all those young guys aren't going to grow up in LA. Despite what's stated I doubt BLK is leaving Cleveland. Magic needs plan b George Westbrook cousins or better yet trade Deng Randle Clarkson for Anthony Davis

1.) 01 Aug 2017
01 Aug 2017 06:26:01
I wish it was that easy. Celtics offered the pelicans so much and they turned them down so I highly doubt that they will accept the lakers offer. but I do like the Tio of PG13, Russ and Boogie coming to LA.

2.) 01 Aug 2017
01 Aug 2017 20:01:55
RUSS with Ball, i can t see that!


THAT very Strong team, Magic HAVE TO GO for KLAY true SG . HE will play better than Russ, SG.