1.) 28 Jul 2017
28 Jul 2017 17:40:17
Why? Why? Why?

1) value of Irving can net back Dragic and Winslow from Miami or Thomas, 2018 Nets pick from Boston. So you trading a group of BENCH PLAYERS, bad contracts, and a 2nd for a young all star talent with a ring in his resume is not going to work.
2) What is the point of this for the Lakers. As if Magic did not make it clear enough, LONZO IS THE PG FACE OF THE LAKERS. Irving wants to be the face. Irving is a PG. It does not work.

2.) 28 Jul 2017
28 Jul 2017 19:26:04
Why you ask?
1. You take this board a little to serious you text like I corrupted your world by give my opinion I think you need a hobby
2. Yes get rid of Deng's contract and get rid of these half ass players we have and pick up a great player yeah why not take out the trash and bring home some gold. Will it go through probably not but I'm just giving my opinion and my thoughts on what the lakers should do as a past time in between my busy life you my friend again to serious find a hobby.