23 Jul 2017 02:41:04
I know it's the hot news right now but I don't want to get in to the Kyrie stuff.

At this season's trade deadline:
Lakers trade: Clarkson, Randle, Deng, 2019 1st rounder
Pelicans trade: Anthony Davis

If the ad boogie thing won't work out and they are out of the playoffs again, pelicans might want to send out Davis and in this scenario I'm predicting both Clarkson and Randle having great seasons. Don't judge it right away that this trade would be impossible, remember what Cousins traded for and Jimmy Butler.

Ball/ Hart/ Caruso
KCP/ Matt Thomas
Ingram/ Kuzma/ Brewer
Davis/ Nance
Lopez/ Bryant/ Zubac

I think this is an awesome looking team. Then in the 2018 offseason we finally get Paul George and we will be incredible.

1.) 23 Jul 2017
23 Jul 2017 06:25:51
Pelican want more.

2.) 23 Jul 2017
23 Jul 2017 12:36:28
The Celtics are the most likely team to acquire Anthony Davis. They could have a couple top 5 picks this summer in addition to the Grizzlies and Clippers 2019 1st rounders, not to mention all of their own picks. They could send the two top 5 picks in 2018 and their own late 1st rounder and either Brown or Tatum. Now compare that to the offer of Deng, Clarkson, Randle, and a late lottery pick in 2019 (which is untradeable anyways, because you can't trade 1st rounders in back to back years) . We aren't getting Anthony Davis via trade.

3.) 24 Jul 2017
24 Jul 2017 03:08:12
Just cause Celtics are most likely doesn't mean anything. See Jimmy B and PG13.

4.) 24 Jul 2017
24 Jul 2017 20:10:09
Unless Anthony Davis requests a trade, he will be a Pelican for as long as he wants. Meaning the Pelicans will not trade their franchise player. duh!