22 Jul 2017 23:00:17
Kyrie Irving asked the Cavs for a trade; which of our assets is worth trading for him (comment below)?

Lakers get Kyrie Irving

Cavs get Ball, Randle, and Clarkson

We go into 2018 free agency with ~$57 mil to spend after stretching Deng's contract. Pair Kyrie with Paul George and Demarcus Cousins and you got a contender with the average age of 23.5 (George would be the oldest at 28).

Irving - Ennis?
Ingram - Hart
George - (Mid-level Exception)
Nance Jr. - Kuzma
Cousins - Zubac - Bryant

1.) 23 Jul 2017
23 Jul 2017 00:03:42
The good thing about players asking to be traded is that you don't have to give a lot even though they are an elite player. When players ask to be traded, it takes all the power away from the original team and into the other teams hand. It's either the original team takes what they are offered or they just let the player walk and they get nothing. So we don't need to trade those 3 players together. Maybe a Clarkson, Randle and Brewer.

2.) 23 Jul 2017
23 Jul 2017 03:04:39
I understand where you're coming from, but Kyrie Irving is a clutch champion and 4 time all-star at the age of 25. He has the best handles in the league and is on a team friendly contract for 2-3 more years. He is a top 3 Point Guard and debatably the best player in the league that hasn't entered his prime. The Cavs could receive the most assets in a trade since Carmelo to the Knicks. Don't kid yourself thinking Randle, Clarkson, and Brewer can realistically get you that kind of talent. Ball can't be traded till December 15th anyways so it's unlikely a Kyrie trade hasn't happened by then.

3.) 23 Jul 2017
23 Jul 2017 03:53:09
Englago I know your one of the guys trying to push Kyrie Irving for the Lakers. It would be a mistake trading for him. Magic Johnson traded Russell because he wasn't a leader. Kyrie Irving is not a leader. His first 3 season before Lebron James got to Cleveland the team had a winning percentage of under .350 This year without Lebron the team went 0-9. Not 1 game won. Irving can't be the main guy. Lebron James made what Kryie Irving is today. Without him Irving isn't as good. Let the Knicks have him. Lonzo Ball is a team player. He can lead and developed good chemistry with the other players. Lakers have a better chance with the roster they have then that deal for Irving.

4.) 23 Jul 2017
23 Jul 2017 12:43:44
I actually don't think we should trade for him, although I could see how you'd assume that given this post. I'd much rather have a good rookie scale contract point guard who shares the ball, than a soon max contract allstar scoring point guard. My posts are just interesting options for the Lakers. In my own opinion, we should be doing whatever possible to get a George and Cousins pairing in free agency by creating cap space through trading Deng and Clarkson (Randle would also be a casualty, but I love his game) .

5.) 25 Jul 2017
24 Jul 2017 20:57:34
Guys, i don t think we should go after Kyrie, but this trade, it s not so bad

BALL + JC + Randle for WALL

THINK about this if we get wall now, cousins will sign with us next year and PG13 will come also cause, he want to play here and he will have more chance to beat warrior with us than Wesbrook .

sf PG13

and REMEMBER next year warriors have to choose between KLAY and KD, CAUSE klay will ask max deal, nothing less 25 M SO they can t keep him.
i think with this lineup we can make playoff, and maybe beat warrior in 7.

6.) 25 Jul 2017
25 Jul 2017 03:23:27
Denzel- John Wall just signed an extension. That line up isn't beating the Warriors.