18 Jun 2017 11:23:09
Boston: J Butler+ Portis+ Sac 2019 pick

LA: D Wade+ return 2018 pick

Philly: Bradley+Zeller+ 1st (Fultz)

Bulls: Mozgov+ Deng+Okafor+ 2 ( Jackson)+ 3 (Ball)

Boston receive a top ten two way player and a young center with potential. And they steal the sacramento pick because Philly will overpay for Fultz.

LA clear capspace, so they can sign 2 max contracts in 2018 and they will get the 2018 pick back

Philly get the best player in this draft and Bradley can become a leader for that team.

The Bulls can rebuilt around Jackson and Ball

1.) 18 Jun 2017
18 Jun 2017 15:30:13
Celtics agreed to trade to the Sixers for the 3rd pick plus other draft picks. We will know more Monday. So this deal can't happen anyway.