14 Jun 2017 18:09:15

Trade Paul George and Young
Receive Russell and Randle, #28

Lakers Draft Ball or Fox

Pacers Draft Luke Kennard (18) and John Collins or other PF (28)
Resign Miles 2y20m
Offer Kentavious Caldwell Pope max if it's matched then resign teague and put russell at the 2
Pacers Lineup
Caldwell Pope/Kennard
Miles/ Robinson III
Randle/ Collins
Turner/ Seraphin

Pacers get good return for George and Lakers get him without having to worry about indiana accepting an offer from another team and him deciding to stay long term with them and don't have to worry about russell and ball not playing well together.

1.) 15 Jun 2017
15 Jun 2017 05:48:10
Why would trade for him? He will be free agent next year. I rather have the young core to develop n have a shot with warriors in 2 to 3 yrs.

2.) 15 Jun 2017
15 Jun 2017 15:17:58
AC: what position will George play if you keep Russell, Randle, Ingram, and Ball (assuming at 2)? You can't have them all. We know what type of player Russell will be and it's not of the caliber of George. I'd trade Russell in a George package any day of the week.