31 Dec 2015 11:04:41

BOS get Roy Hibbert (exp)

LAL get David Lee (exp) and James Young

BOS could use Hibbert's rim protection come playoff time while Lakers get another young wing.

1.) 31 Dec 2015
31 Dec 2015 13:53:27
Then who's going to protect lakers rims? Lol

2.) 03 Jan 2016
03 Jan 2016 19:04:33
We are tanking and playing horrendous defense , no need for rim protection anymore. Assets are what we need.

3.) 04 Jan 2016
04 Jan 2016 15:48:02
David lee is not going to help the lakers. he's not even helping celtics.What makes u think he's going to do any better with lakers. why does lakers need james young? As if they don't have enough gaurds already. c'mon now. horrible trade straight up.