07 Jul 2015 19:08:39
MAVS get Jeremy Lin
LAKERS get Wilson Chandler
NUGGETS get Nick Young, Justin Anderson, 2nd round pick

Benefits all teams. Mavs get their PG, Lakers get their SF, Nuggets get a young, promising prospect and a solid scorer.

Lakers team:
Russell/ Clarkson
Bryant/ Williams/ J. Brown
Chandler/ A. Brown
Randle/ Bass/ Nance
Hibbert/ Upshaw/ Black

1.) 08 Jul 2015
08 Jul 2015 19:33:09
I like the trade personally but I don't think it's believable. Despite the fact that Wilson chandler shoots the ball better than nick, has a near exact PPG average, rebounds better and plays more defense, there are only two reasons the Lakers would trade away nick young. Either they understand him Kobe and lou Williams can't play together, OR they're trying to get rid of his contract. I believe it's the latter of the two. And chandlers contract is around 1 million larger than nick youngs in 15-16. Not worth the trade.